New Soliqua data shows improved blood sugar control without weight gain versus premixed insulin – Sanofi

A new study of Soliqua (insulin glargine 100 Units/mL and lixisenatide, (iGlarLixi) met its two primary endpoints and all key secondary endpoints in a head-to-head comparison against premixed insulin (biphasic insulin aspart 30, BIAsp 30) in adults living with type 2 diabetes , the most common form of diabetes, uncontrolled on insulin and one or two oral anti-diabetic medicines. The […]

Metabolic hormone ‘leptin’ linked to poor vaccine response

Reduced levels of a metabolic hormone known as leptin is linked to poor vaccine antibody responses in the general population, a University of Queensland study has found. The researchers made the discovery while investigating several cohorts’ responses to the influenza vaccine or hepatitis B vaccine pre-COVID. UQ’s Professor Di Yu identified a link between the metabolic and immune systems that […]