Gorgeous Saree Fashion Trends for 2024

The allure of metallic sarees lies in their versatility. The saree, a timeless and elegant attire, has been a symbol of grace and beauty for centuries in India. In recent years, the saree has witnessed a resurgence in popularity, not just in its country of origin but on runways and in wardrobes around the world. As we enter the year […]

Antibiotics for common childhood infections no longer effective

Drugs to treat common infections in children and babies are no longer effective in large parts of the world, due to high rates of antibiotic resistance. The University of Sydney led study found many antibiotics recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) had less than 50 percent effectiveness in treating childhood infections such as pneumonia, sepsis (bloodstream infections) and meningitis. […]

Record Number of Indian Immigrants crossing US Border

Federal statistics have revealed that a record number of Indian immigrants are entering the United States via its southern border. In 2022 alone, 42,000 people were intercepted. The number is more than double the amount from the same period the year prior when crossings by Indian immigrants were already at a record high. An additional 1,600 have crossed from the […]

Study shows simple diet swaps can cut carbon emissions and improve your health

Curbing carbon emissions and eating healthier may both start at the dinner table. According to a new study co-authored by a Tulane University researcher and published in the journal Nature Food, making simple substitutions like switching from beef to chicken or drinking plant-based milk instead of cow’s milk could reduce the average American’s carbon footprint from food by 35%, while also boosting […]

Is Prince Naseem’s Son dating Gemma Owen?

Aadam Hamed, the son of former world boxing champion Prince Naseem, is reportedly dating model Gemma Owen. They confirmed their romance with a picture of them holidaying in Dubai. The couple had earlier enjoyed a dinner date at the five-star luxury seafood restaurant Nammos. A source said Aadam is smitten with Gemma, who is the daughter of ex-Liverpool striker Michael […]

Number of dementia cases could be 42% higher than previously estimated by 2040

Up to 1.7 million people could be living with dementia in England and Wales by 2040 – over 40% more than previously forecast – finds a new UCL-led study. Previous studies, based on data up to 2010, showed that dementia incidence had declined in high-income countries. However, the new research, published in The Lancet Public Health, indicates that dementia incidence started […]