10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25

Each fragrance offers a contrasting array of notes. When buying Christmas gifts for men, there is a variety available that will not break the bank. Finding the perfect gift is not always easy and usually, people settle on buying gifts like ties and socks which can become boring over time. Classic options are the easy method when it comes to […]

Transplants for alcohol-related liver inflammation surge during pandemic

The increased number of deceased donor liver transplants related to alcoholic hepatitis — up more than 50 percent over predicted numbers — was associated with rising alcohol sales. Registrations for the national organ transplant waiting list related to alcoholic hepatitis as well as the number of deceased donor liver transplants for the inflammatory liver condition rose significantly during the pandemic, […]

Amo Raju on ‘Walk Like A Man’ & Disability Stigma

Campaigner, politician and writer, Amo Raju, is a formidable name in delivering support for those with disabilities in Derby, UK. The inspiring entrepreneur is a catalyst in aiding disabled people to get integrated into society. In 1998, he became the CEO of Disability Direct, a charity that “facilitate independent living opportunities for disabled people.” Not only does this highlight Amo’s […]

Cardiac MRI of myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents

According to ARRS’ American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), radiologists need to be cognizant of the association between coronavirus disease (COVID-19) mRNA vaccination and myocarditis, as well as the role of cardiac MRI for assessing suspected myocarditis postvaccination. “In this small case series, all patients with myocarditis after COVID-19 vaccination were adolescent males and had a favorable initial clinical course,” explained first author […]

British Kabaddi League to Drive the Sport Forward

The British Kabaddi League which kicks off in February 2022, will be the first of its kind. Ashok Das, a leading authority on the sport and a former Indian national player is hoping that the league will be a major driving force. After all, kabaddi has serious and realistic ambitions to become part of the Olympic Games. The inaugural edition will […]

Pesticide linked to chronic kidney disease

A commonly available pesticide has been associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a University of Queensland study. Researchers analysed links between pesticide exposure and the risk of kidney dysfunction in 41,847 people, using data from the USA National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). School of Public Health Associate Professor, Nicholas Osborne said the study found people […]

Face Masks return in UK to Combat “worst ever” Covid-19

UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced the return of face masks in shops and public transport at a Number 10 press conference held on Saturday, November 27, 2021. This comes after the “worst ever” variant of Covid-19 is started to impact the country. The Omicron variant of coronavirus that stems from southern African countries has started to make a presence […]

Researchers boost human mental function with brain stimulation

In a pilot human study, researchers from the University of Minnesota Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital show it is possible to improve specific human brain functions related to self-control and mental flexibility by merging artificial intelligence with targeted electrical brain stimulation. Alik Widge, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of psychiatry and member of the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction […]