Biggest Bollywood Box Office Failures of 2022

Bollywood has not recovered from the blow. It’s not been a good year for Bollywood and hopes for a strong post-pandemic recovery are dissipating without the industry having produced any major box office hits yet. It’s not like the films were lacking in stars or spectacles. Big budget thrillers, such as the 1.5 billion Indian rupees Shamshera starring Ranbir Kapoor, […]

Meta-analysis shows low risk of muscle pain from statins

In over 90% of cases, statin therapy is not related to muscle pain, researchers from a large new study reported on August 29, 2022 in The Lancet. “The idea that statins may cause frequent muscle pain has been a persistent belief among some patients and clinicians, however our study confirms that the statin is rarely the cause of muscle pain […]

7 Indian Cryptocurrency Influencers to Check Out

Cryptocurrency continues to increase in prominence in India and with it comes cryptocurrency influencers. According to a Knight Frank report, 18% of Indian ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) invested in cryptocurrency and relevant assets in 2021. UHNWIs are those who have a net worth of $30 million or more. In its Wealth Report, Knight Frank said that 18% of the wealthiest Indians […]

New diagnostic option for rare eye disease

An estimated five to ten percent of blindness worldwide is caused by the rare inflammatory eye disease uveitis. Posterior uveitis in particular is often associated with severe disease progression and the need for immunosuppressive therapy. In posterior uveitis, inflammation occurs in the retina and in the underlying choroid that supplies it with nutrients. Researchers at the Ophthalmology Department at the […]