Neuroprosthesis’ restores words to man with paralysis

University of California San Francisco Technology could lead to more natural communication for people who have suffered speech loss Researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully developed a “speech neuroprosthesis” that has enabled a man with severe paralysis to communicate in sentences, translating signals from his brain to the vocal tract directly into words that appear as text on a […]

The Top Folding Samsung Smartphones Right Now 2021

The Top Folding Samsung Smartphones Right Now 2021  – Best Foldable Phones 2021 The Top Folding Samsung Smartphones Right Now 2021 even though they aren’t the most expensive phones, we have ranked the top foldable phones. The concept has been around for over two years now since the Royole FlexPai debuted at CES 2019, and foldable phones have matured significantly since then, […]

Gut bacteria and flavonoid-rich foods are linked and improve blood pressure levels

Hypertension Journal Report AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION Flavonoid-rich foods, including berries, apples, pears and wine, appear to have a positive effect on blood pressure levels, an association that is partially explained by characteristics of the gut microbiome, according to new research published today in Hypertension, an American Heart Association journal. “Our gut microbiome plays a key role in metabolizing flavonoids to enhance […]

Apple Up Coming All Projects

Apple Up Coming All Projects – Apple Working on Projects That, Tim Cook Says Apple Up Coming All Projects Apple is an American multinational technology company that manufactures electronic and computer software that we utilize in our daily lives in phones, laptops, and computers. With the ambition to manufactures something valuable according to new developments in technology, some of the […]

Tim Cook Became Apple CEO 10 Years Ago

Tim Cook Became Apple CEO 10 Years Ago Tim Cook Became Apple CEO 10 Years Ago it was a difficult task. He succeeded Steve Jobs in founding the company. After returning from exile, he launched the products that made Apple a modern computing juggernaut: the iMac and iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iPhone. Cook claims that Jobs advised him to be his […]

Shorter course of antibiotics is effective for men with urinary tract infection

Researchers report that, for treatment of afebrile (non-feverish) men with a urinary tract infection (UTI), a 7-day course of ciprofloxacin or trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole is a non-inferior alternative to a 14-day course of treatment. The findings were published on July 27, 2021 in JAMA/Journal of the American Medical Association. “The findings support the use of a 7-day course of ciprofloxacin or trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole […]

Inflatable robotic hand gives amputees real-time tactile control

Prosthetic enables a wide range of daily activities, such as zipping a suitcase, shaking hands, and petting a cat. Massachusetts Institute of Technology An MIT-developed inflatable robotic hand gives amputees real-time tactile control. The smart hand is soft and elastic, weighs about half a pound, and costs a fraction of comparable prosthetics. But this high-tech dexterity comes at a price. […]

Study shows dramatic long-term complications in youth-onset type 2 diabetes

Researchers report that patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in their youth are, by young adulthood, at risk of serious complications. The findings from the TODAY2 study (Treatment Options for type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth) appeared in the NEJM/New England Journal of Medicine on July 28, 2021. “Youth-onset of type 2 diabetes is associated with an accumulation of diabetes-related complications […]

Ultra-processed food intake linked to inflammatory bowel disease

Consumption of ultra-processed foods appears to be linked to an increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), researchers reported on July 15, 2021 in the BMJ/British Medical Journal. “Higher intake of ultra-processed food was positively associated with risk of IBD. Further studies are needed to identify the contributory factors within ultra-processed foods,” the authors said. Ultra-processed foods include packaged baked […]

Overpopulation: A Big Menace

Discussions regarding overpopulation may rapidly devolve into a squabble because they raise the question of who is to blame for the situation and what, if anything, should be done about it. The post Overpopulation: A Big Menace appeared first on Runway Pakistan.