Why did Lata Mangeshkar never Marry?

Lata Mangeshkar passed away after a 28-day-long battle with Covid-19 and pneumonia on February 6, 2022. There are no doubts about the fact that Lata Mangeshkar had a strong career. While she was making her name in the music industry and dedicating her life to cinema, her personal life remained distant from the tabloids. At certain points, rumours were claiming […]

20 Top South Asian Music Samples in Hip Hop

To the surprise of many hip hop lovers, South Asian music samples have become a prominent element of the genre. With brilliant producers like Kanye West and Timbaland who have a keen sense of musicality, their radar for unique sounds is vast. However, there have been an array of artists before them who have tackled the Desi instrumentation. Not only […]