Malaika Arora admitted to Hospital after Car Accident

In a pile-up between three vehicles, Malaika Arora has reportedly sustained minor injuries. According to Khopoli police, she was taken to the Apollo hospital for treatment. The police have made a mention of the incident and an FIR will be registered after investigating how the accident happened. Police inspector Shirish Pawar from Khopoli police station said: “The accident happened at […]

The Emerging Role of Video in the Healthcare Industry

Slideshows can be used both before and after surgery. The healthcare industry has evolved tremendously over the past decade. As technology advances, its impact on patient care continues to grow. The impact of this evolution is huge. Many hospitals are having to shift or have already shifted their strategies and embraced videos to make sure they can stay relevant in […]

Hospitals prevent deadly fungal infection during pandemic

As COVID-19 infections threatened to overwhelm hospitals in March 2020, infection control specialists worried not just about SARS-CoV-2 but also about other viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. C. auris is a type of fungus that causes severe, often fatal infections and is resistant to most antifungal drugs. It can be carried on a patient’s skin and can survive on surfaces for […]