US Law Professor calls India ‘a s***hole’ on TV Show

The university declined to comment on her latest remarks.

A professor from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Amy Wax, has sparked a controversy by calling India a “s***hole” on national TV.

Wax, who has made such inflammatory remarks in the past, also slammed Brahmin women, stating:

“Here’s the problem. They are taught that they are better than everybody else because they are Brahmin elites and yet, on some level, their country is a s***hole.

“They’ve realised that we’ve outgunned and outclassed them in every way.

“They feel anger. They feel envy. They feel shame. It creates ingratitude of the most monstrous kind.”

Amy Wax was talking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

Besides this, the 69-year-old professor, who is also a neurologist, criticised South Asian doctors at Pen Medicine.

She stated: “They are on the ramparts for the antiracism initiative for dump on America.”

Her remarks have received widespread criticism on social media.

One user took to Twitter and wrote: “Penn Law professor Amy Wax tells Tucker Carlson that “Blacks” and other “non-western” groups harbour “resentment, shame, and envy” against western people for their “outsized achievements and contributions.”

“Wax then attacks Indian immigrants for criticizing things in the US when “their country is a shithole” and goes on to say that “the role of envy and shame in the way that the third world regards the first world […] creates ingratitude of the most monstrous kind.”

In January 2022, Wax had said the US is “better off with fewer Asians”.

Penn Law School dean Theodore Ruger at the time had addressed the controversy, calling Wax’s comments “anti-intellectual” and “racist.”

According to Philadelphia Inquirer, the university declined to comment on her latest remarks, and the law school reiterated that her “views do not reflect our values or practices.”

Her remarks not only drew criticism from people in India but also from her peers and colleagues.

Neil Makhija, another Penn Law School lecturer, wrote on Twitter: “We are America.

“And we’re committed to dismantling the systems that give your racist, moronic ideas a platform to spread.”

Aseem Shukla, a paediatric urologist and professor at Penn Medicine, too joined the conversation.

Tagging Penn Law, he wrote: “Some of us Indian American docs @PennMedicine do our part to make America the great healthcare system you describe.

“So, yeah, we have the right to criticize it too.”

Many wondered if she can be so comfortable with displaying her blatant racism on air, how much Asian or Black students who study under her must suffer.

One user wrote: “This is the language of a professor in @Penn. I am trying to understand the conditions of her students who are Asians. #StopRacism”

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