Indian Man injects Ex-Wife with HIV-Positive Blood

An Indian man is reported to have injected his ex-wife with HIV-positive blood.

The incident happened in Gujarat and it is believed to have been a case of revenge after she refused to live with him.

According to the Indian police officials, the accused identified as Shankar Kamble, aged 35, was arrested following his former wife’s complaint.

Shankar Kamble used to work as a driver and was married for more than 15 years, however, he divorced her after having suspicions about her character.

Kamble later tried to win back his ex-wife and convince her to live with him again, but she refused.

This led to Kamble’s plot of revenge. He asked her to meet him and she obliged.

After some shopping and lunch, Kamble took his ex-wife to a remote location and once again requested her to live with him again.

When she refused, Kamble hugged her and used a syringe he was hiding in his pocket to inject her with HIV-positive blood.

The woman fell unconscious afterwards.

After regaining consciousness, she approached police and filed a complaint against her ex-husband.

Based on the woman’s complaint, Kamble was arrested on December 26, 2022.

During questioning, Shankar Kamble told officials that he injected his ex-wife with HIV-positive blood he obtained from a hospital.

When asked about how he obtained the blood, the accused told the police that he went to an HIV ward at a hospital.

The blood was taken from an HIV-positive patient admitted to the hospital.

Kamble pretended to be a hospital staff member and collected the sample for testing.

The accused reportedly told the police that he planned the attack after he was inspired by a TV series.

The woman is currently admitted for treatment and necessary medical tests will be done in a routine manner to prevent harm.

A case has been registered under relevant sections of the IPC and further investigation is underway.

Earlier in December 2022, a similar incident was reported from Andhra Pradesh.

It was reported that a man allegedly got his pregnant wife injected with HIV-positive blood to find an excuse to divorce her.

She was told by her husband that the injection was to ensure good health during pregnancy.

The woman told the police that her husband was looking for a reasonable excuse to divorce her and as per the plan he took her to a suspicious ‘quack doctor’.

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