What was announced in the 2023 Spring Budget?

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his first Spring Budget, which he called a “Budget for growth”. Mr Hunt said the UK will not enter a “technical recession” in 2023. He said: “We remain vigilant, and will not hesitate to take whatever steps are necessary for economic stability. “Today the Office for Budget Responsibility forecast that because of changing international factors and […]

Was the Aurat March stopped in Lahore?

According to reports, Lahore denied permission for an Aurat March to honour International Women’s Day (IWD). The Aurat March, which is organised by feminist organisations, typically draws strong opposition. However, since 2018, marches have been organised in Pakistan’s main cities to raise awareness of women’s rights. The “controversial cards and banners” that were shown during the march, according to Lahore […]

Could the Illegal Migration Bill break Human Rights Laws?

Suella Braverman has spoken about the Illegal Migration Bill and admitted that it might break the Human Rights Act. The Home Secretary said the bill allows the detention of illegal migrants without bail or judicial review within the first 28 days of detention until they can be removed. Only those under medically unfit to fly, or at real risk of […]

Drunk Indian Man suffers Fatal Stroke after taking Viagra

His health then deteriorated and was rushed to hospital. An Indian man suffered a fatal stroke after drinking while on Viagra. The 41-year-old consumed twice the normal dose of sildenafil – the main ingredient in Viagra. Doctors said the unnamed man had met up with a female friend at a hotel where he took two 50mg sildenafil tablets. The man, […]

Are Women ‘Uncomfortable’ to be on the Streets of India?

A survey carried out by the Delhi Indian Institute of Technology looked at how gender inequalities impact daily mobility. It found that women avidly avoid being on the streets of India. Manisha, a 19-year-old maid, works full-time in a home outside Delhi. Originally from Jharkhand, she stopped going to school due to inconsistent public transportation and frequent sexual harassment on […]

What will ‘Digital Pounds’ mean for Banks in England?

these digital assets are produced by private businesses. A Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) scheme has been created in England. A digital pound would function essentially like an electronic form of money that could be used for regular transactions. Although it wouldn’t accrue interest like a typical savings account (or even certain current accounts), it may widen access to financial […]

Indian Medical Students who fled Ukraine Face Uncertain Future

A war-torn Ukraine sent almost 18,000 students back to India, but they did so with an unstable and unclear future. Several Indian students are still seeking options to finish their medical degrees domestically. Kharkiv National Medical University, which previously housed thousands of Indian students, is now covered with debris. With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the students were obliged to leave […]

Punjabi Youth used Marriage to dupe NRI Girl

A young Punjabi man has been booked after he allegedly scammed a Non-Resident Indian under the pretext of marrying her. The accused has been identified as Kulwinder Singh, a resident of Moga. It was reported that he came into contact with the woman through an online matrimonial site a few years ago. The woman was originally from Mehta Chowk in […]