10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25

Each fragrance offers a contrasting array of notes.

When buying Christmas gifts for men, there is a variety available that will not break the bank.

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy and usually, people settle on buying gifts like ties and socks which can become boring over time.

Classic options are the easy method when it comes to Christmas gifts, but they may not always be enjoyed by the person, especially if they are receiving the same present each year.

However, there are a plethora of inexpensive ideas that will take care of any guy, be it father, grandfather, son, husband, brother, boyfriend or friend.

Here are some Christmas gift ideas that cost less than £25.

Hot Sauce Flavours of the World

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - sauce

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - sauce

This Christmas gift is perfect for men who enjoy cooking and are fans of spicy food, specifically hot sauce.

Containing 30 bottles, each measuring 21ml, this gift idea contains hot sauce from around the world.

From Baja Mango to Rio De Janeiro Habanero, it does not feature your standard hot sauce. Instead, it is a spicy world that must be explored.

The 30 sauces range in spice, meaning that there are an array of flavours to please, or burn your tastebuds.

Start with the mild Garlic del Fuego and work your way up to Budapest Fire chilli sauce.

It is an inexpensive gift that spice lovers will enjoy.

Versace Men’s Trio Miniature Set

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - versace

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - versace

This 5ml miniature trio collection contains Eros, Dylan Blue and Eros Flame, three of the most popular men’s Versace fragrances.

Each fragrance offers a contrasting array of notes.

Eros has intense, vibrant and glowing top notes of mint leaves, lemon zest and green apple.

Dylan Blue has a distinctive, woody aroma that starts off with fig leaves and grapefruit before intensifying and finishing off with aquatic notes.

Eros Flame has strong smells of citrus fruit that are warmed with hints of black pepper and wild rosemary.

The trio is a perfect introduction to the world of Versace fragrances.

3-in-1 Charging Stand

Unique Gifts to Buy for Men for Christmas - charging

Unique Gifts to Buy for Men for Christmas - charging

One problem when buying Christmas gifts is that the person never actually uses them and they will just sit unused.

But it is certain that the 3-in-1 Charging Stand will not be one of those gifts as it will keep his three most-used gadgets fully charged.

The stand is suitable for nightstands and is ideal for smartphones, AirPods and smartwatches.

The stand also comes with no cords, meaning it is sleek and will not take up unnecessary space with messy wires.

There are different ones available at different prices but this one by AlCase is an effective one for those on a budget.

Beard Buddy

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - beard

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - beard

This is a Christmas gift to get for men who are big on their beard.

Not only is it a unique gift idea but it will help him out the next time he needs to groom his beard.

The Beard Buddy is an apron featuring two strong suction cups that stick to the mirror during shaving.

Unwanted facial hair falls into the apron instead of onto the floor.

It also has hooks to hang the apron up if he is interrupted mid-shave.

At just £9.50, the Beard Buddy is a helpful gift to buy for Christmas.

Gold Aston Martin DB5 Keyring

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - aston

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - aston

This inexpensive Christmas gift is for fans of the iconic James Bond franchise.

First appearing in 1964’s Goldfinger and stealing the show once again in No Time to Die, the Aston Martin DB5 is the most iconic of Bond’s many beloved rides.

And this polished gold replica keyring will remind guys about the classic every time they start their own car.

This gift comes in a limited edition Aston Martin box, adding to the luxuriousness of this Christmas present.

Wild Deodorant Subscription

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - wild

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - wild

When thinking of Christmas presents, deodorant is not the first thing that comes to mind.

But natural deodorant is on the rise and Wild offers an effective deodorant subscription service.

The products are only sourced from natural ingredients that contain no aluminium, parabens or artificial fragrances.

They also come with a reusable case that is filled with compostable, zero-plastic refills.

Wild’s gifting starter pack is perfect for men who are big on using natural products.

100 Film Scratch Off Poster

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - film

10 best Christmas Gifts for Men under £25 - film

This gift idea is perfect for film lovers, especially when considering that it is an inexpensive option.

When it comes to films, even the biggest movie buffs will find a few flicks that they have not watched yet.

This poster will ensure that you will get through some of the best releases and will make film nights fun.

Pick a square to reveal the film for the evening and scratch it off when watched. This can go on until all 100 films have been watched.

It is a unique Christmas gift idea but a thoughtful one for male film enthusiasts.

Wine & Brewery Tour for 2

10 best for Men under £25 - tour

10 best for Men under £25 - tour

This is a great gift for men who are intrigued about the making of wine and ale.

The Winery and Brewery Tour for Two takes people to the Chiltern Valley Winery and Brewery, near Henley on Thames.

The experience involves a guided tour behind the scenes. Meanwhile, a detailed explanation of the production process goes ahead, from grape pressing and fermentation to bottling and labelling.

Afterwards, there is the opportunity to sample three to four of each of the wines, ales and liqueurs.

As part of the experience, there is a 10% discount on any purchase from the cellar shop on the tour date, meaning you can take something home to enjoy later.

It is a fantastic gift to get him and he might express his gratitude by taking you.

Retro Sweet Box

10 best for Men under £25 - sweets

10 best for Men under £25 - sweets

This Christmas gift idea is great for everyone, not just men.

It will help you savour the taste of your childhood once more.

Take your pick from a variety of retro treats, which are ideal for a sugary pick-me-up at any time of the day, whether at home or at work.

The large box contains 18 classic sweets, including Flying Saucers, Cola Bottles and Drumstick lollies.

There is no doubt that this box of treats will create a sense of nostalgia.

NASA Telescope

10 best for Men under £25 - nasa

10 best for Men under £25 - nasa

This is a gift for those who are curious about space and life beyond Earth.

With this NASA telescope, you can discover the sights of the cosmos.

From the comfort of your home, you can explore darker skies in order to view an astonishing array of celestial objects near and far, or gaze at planets, stars and galaxies.

It includes a finder scope, variable height tripod and two eyepieces.

It is a gift to consider if there is a space enthusiast in your life.

These are a selection of budget-friendly Christmas gifts to please men with different interests.

While they are not expensive, the men who receive them will be grateful for the thought gone into purchasing them.

While some of the gifts will aid them in daily life, other ones will provide them with some enjoyment but one thing is for certain, Christmas shopping for men has been made much easier.