Did Aliza Sehar get Married?

The pair are both wearing garlands and are smiling. Another video of YouTuber Aliza Sehar has appeared online. But this time, it shows her appearing to get married. The Pakistani content creator has been in the headlines in recent months after an explicit video of her was leaked. In the video, Aliza was on a video call with a man. […]

Bollywood Deepfakes underline India’s AI Concerns

Social media is hugely popular in India but it also has a dark side and one prominent aspect is deepfakes. Deepfakes are a subject that only surfaced on the web in 2017, especially on Reddit which later saw the website ban it. The subject has become a dark corner of the internet, where people in the thousands have gathered to share […]

Pakistan’s ‘Ken Doll’ recalls Tough Childhood

“The world is aggressive towards you. We are judged.” Adnan Zafar, known as Pakistan’s Ken Doll, is one of the most popular social media influencers and is loved for his content on TikTok and Instagram. The social media influencer appeared on the Excuse Me podcast with Ahmad Ali Butt, opening up about his childhood and growing up in a broken home. […]

iShowSpeed enjoys India ahead of Pakistan Match

Popular American YouTuber iShowSpeed arrived in India and met some of his fans ahead of the country’s World Cup match against Pakistan. Speed, as he is known by his fans, has been enjoying the country and what it has to offer. He has already collaborated with MC Stan. During their time together, Speed rapped over multiple beats. Wearing an India […]

Battle Stars receives Cricket World Cup Update

Wear your team colours in-game with these brand-new looks. SuperGaming’s Battle Stars has received a new update that adds Cricket World Cup-inspired skins to some of its more popular characters. Battle Stars is a 4v4 shooter featuring unique heroes, intuitive controls and a striking art style. India’s top gaming YouTuber Techno Gamerz has worked closely with SuperGaming to develop his playable […]

What to Expect from EA Sports UFC 5

EA Sports UFC 5 is just around the corner and it will look almost entirely like a brand-new game compared to its four predecessors. The new game features new mechanics, features, and tweaks that will lead the franchise into the next generation of players. And with over 100 fighters to choose from, gamers can experiment with different fighting styles. More […]

10 Most Reliable Cars in India

In India, it is important to buy a reliable car due to congested roads which could pose safety problems and the not-so-smooth roads. Features, practicality and fuel economy are some of the factors to consider when searching for a car. An unreliable car can be inconvenient and costly, especially when you consider that the average monthly salary in India is […]