Why Should One Travel to Bamburet Valley?

Why Should One Travel to Bamburet Valley?


Why Should One Travel to Bamburet Valley?

Why Should One Travel to Bamburet Valley? Bamburet is the second largest river of Kalasha in Chitral district, Khyber Agency, Pakistan. It is located in the Lower Thekkady region on the Indus River. This beautiful river has been a popular destination for tourists and vacationers as it has a number of attractions that are worth a visit. Bamburet offers a wide variety of water activities such as fishing, trekking, rafting, nature watching, etc.

What to See:

Bamburet Valley Trip

Bamburet Valley TripTrekking is one of the major attractions of bamburet trip. There are several trekking routes available. They are provided on the site. Some of the popular trekking routes include Mount Norandgarh trek, Goecha La trek, Annapurna trek, Auli trek, Dharamshala trek, etc. It is a must-visit place for all those who love trekking. The place has some excellent natural attractions such as gardens, temples, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

What not to see:

Bamburet Pakistan

Bamburet PakistanThere are a lot of interesting places to visit in the Bamburet Valley. Some of them are: Goecha La, Anchar, Kaira Imambara, Lake Pichola, etc. You can visit them during your stay in this lovely place. They are best enjoyed during the summers. There are several picnic spots available.


Bamburet Valley hotels

Bamburet Valley hotelsBamburet Valley offers a lot of choices for stay and dining. There are many budget hotels, guest houses, lodges and inns available here. These accommodation options to suit every kind of pocket.


Bamburet Valley adventure

Bamburet Valley adventureThe place has a lot of wonderful eateries where you can try different kinds of South Indian cuisines. The place has a number of roadside eateries as well as street stalls where you can get good food. There are also some fabulous eateries at the hotels where you can treat yourself to some international cuisines.

Adventure Activities:

Bamburet Valley has a lot of adventure activities to offer. If you love the jungle, you will love to visit the places in the Amazon where you can climb up trees and walk amidst the green vegetation. If you are a more sedate type of person then you can do a lot of walking in the beautiful forests. Swimming and boating in the lakes and rivers are also very popular here. angling can also be done on small boats.

The Ambience and the Luxury:

The place has a lot of natural beauty to offer. If you want to feel the luxury of staying in a palace, then visit Lake Magadi where you can find several palace-like buildings with splendid architecture. For nature lovers, the Amboret Point is a must-visit point.

This point is situated in the middle of the river and it offers an opportunity to view the natural beauty and the surrounding surroundings. The view from this point will give you a panoramic view of the surrounding and the lake. You can have a picnic here and enjoy the lovely scenery.

The people of the area are friendly and the place has everything that you can possibly need during your stay. This is not much of a tourist place, so you can even carry out small home repairs here if you are running short of time. There are many small restaurants and bistros serving local cuisine and you can try them out if you are looking for something special during your stay in the region.

The Amboret Point is situated in the middle of the valley and is accessed by road. You can reach the place by taking the bus or by taxi. If you have a car, you can drive to the hill station from the airport and take the bus to reach the place easily. The Amboret Point is a wonderful place to take pictures as well. The valley is surrounded by numerous mountains and is hence one of the most beautiful places to visit in Zambia.

If you are a trekker or want to go for a trek in the wilderness then you can easily do so from the Bamburet Valley. The trekking route starts from Amboret Point and takes you through beautiful forests and valleys where you can see plenty of wild animals like elephants, buffaloes and lions. You can also visit the nearby Amboret River and spend some time in the bush. If you are a photography buff, then you should visit the nearby photographic spots in the region.

Other than the exciting activities, the place also offers some relaxing and peaceful sites. The place offers a lot of scope for a holiday break. The hill station has a number of guest houses, lodges and camping sites. There are a variety of beautiful things to do while you are here like swimming, hiking, boating, nature watching, birding etc. The Amboret Valley is a wonderful place to visit and explore and is also a great place for a romantic getaway with your loved one.

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