MIUI 12.5 update petition: Xiaomi users demand improved or optimized RAM management, poll suggests

MIUI 12.5 update petition: Xiaomi users demand improved or optimized RAM management, poll suggests

MIUI is historically known for having terrible RAM management and many users will swear by the far superior RAM management experience they would have upon switching to custom ROMs.

But while this little problem has existed for quite some time now — there have been complaints of RAM management since the early MIUI 9 days — it has recently got quite embarrassing.

Just a few years back, 4 GB of RAM was considered a luxury, and many of the budget devices were shipped with just 2 or 3 GB of RAM. This is something that has become unimaginable by today’s standards, except for the Android Go devices of course.


The top-of-the-range Mi 11 variant comes with 12 gigs of RAM

However, it’s 2021 now and everyone has grown accustomed to at least 4 GB RAM. Anything under it is considered a deal-breaker. Thus, while 4 GB has emerged as the bare minimum, we have top-of-the-range variants of select devices touching the 12 GB RAM mark.

Therefore, in this age, complaints of RAM management should be a thing of the past. But unfortunately for Xiaomi, this isn’t exactly the case.



The ram management in my opinion is too aggressive. I have had a mi 10 Pro for a week now and it’s mostly good but there are a few issues. Anything that is to be installed as a service requiring accessibility permissions seems to randomly be cleaned up, each time this happens the device needs to be restarted, these apps will work for anywhere from 10 minutes up to a few hours until at random they stop working again.

As clear from above, and many other similar complaints, MIUI 12 really seems to be giving its users a really hard time with regards to the total number of apps that run in the background.

Users state that the OS is unable to keep even 4 apps running consistently despite having around 6 gigs of RAM.

What makes the matter more annoying though is the fact that MIUI continues to display a huge amount of free RAM in the recents menu at any given point in time. This indicates that the RAM is simply not being utilized to its full potential due to MIUI’s overly aggressive management.

Foreground apps aren’t all that are ending up as a cause of bother though, as many have also complained about important background processes getting killed as well, resulting in sync issues and delayed notifications.

Nonetheless, as already mentioned, issues like these have been present for quite a while now, and users can only tolerate so much. Therefore, when a petition was started to bring the RAM management woes to attention, it grabbed plenty of attention.



With over a hundred votes, the petition seemingly agrees that MIUI 12 is now a lost cause and the only thing that actually can bring forward some improvements on RAM management is the upcoming MIUI 12.5 stable.

That said, I actually had given MIUI 12.5 a trial run on my Xiaomi device only to discover little to no improvements at all in RAM management. Therefore, if MIUI 12.5 is to improve the situation at all, then it better be noticeable on the first stable itself or many are going to be disappointed.

Now, MIUI 12.5 does claim to boost performance by some under-the-hood optimizations that cut down on CPU usage by 22% and power consumption by 15%. Pretty tall claims, but still no mention of any improvements with regards to RAM.

Hopefully, Xiaomi will take this petition into account and listen to what the users really want. For now, be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated MIUI 12.5 update tracker.

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