How do weighted blankets boost sleep?

A new study shows that using a weighted blanket at bedtime increases melatonin in young adults. This hormone increases in response to darkness, and some evidence suggests that it promotes sleep. While previous research has shown that weighted blankets may ease insomnia, the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. Researchers recruited 26 young men and women to examine if the […]

A co-worker’s rudeness can affect your sleep – and your partner’s

Rudeness. Sarcastic comments. Demeaning language. Interrupting or talking over someone in a meeting. Workplace incivilities such as these are becoming increasingly common, and a new study from Portland State University and University of Illinois researchers found this behavior has the potential to not only negatively affect an employee’s sleep but their partner’s as well. The study, recently published in the […]

Brain refreshing: Why the dreaming phase matters

Scientists have long wondered why almost all animals sleep, despite the disadvantages to survival of being unconscious. Now, researchers led by a team from the University of Tsukuba have found new evidence of brain refreshing that takes place during a specific phase of sleep: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is when you tend to dream a lot. Previous studies […]