Deep learning algorithm may streamline lung cancer radiotherapy treatment

Lung cancer, the most common cancer worldwide, is targeted with radiation therapy (RT) in nearly one-half of cases. RT planning is a manual, resource-intensive process that can take days to weeks to complete, and even highly trained physicians vary in their determinations of how much tissue to target with radiation. Furthermore, a shortage of radiation-oncology practitioners and clinics worldwide is […]

Leading radiotherapy researchers identify research priorities to improve outcomes for cancer patients

The NCRI Radiotherapy (CTRad) Group, a world-leading radiotherapy research group, has published its strategic priorities in radiotherapy research to address challenges in the field. The group has identified four strategic priorities it believes need to be addressed by the community to improve outcomes for patients: Translating novel discoveries to and from the clinic Evaluating and optimal implementation of new radiotherapy […]

New approach to prostate cancer improves 5-year survival

A combination of hormone therapy and pelvic lymph node radiation improves survival of prostate cancer patients, researchers reported on May 26, 2022 in The Lancet. “We can now confirm that pelvic lymph node treatment used together with androgen deprivation therapy, or even used as a stand-alone treatment option, greatly improves outcomes in patients with postoperative prostate cancer,” said senior author […]