Predictors of opioid overdose after prescription for chronic pain

A large study published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) identified 10 predictors of opioid overdose after prescription for chronic pain, which can help clinicians engage in shared decision-making with patients around opioid prescribing. “The opioid crisis has generated interest in identifying patients at higher risk of addiction or overdose and has led to the development of several screening tools; however, these instruments […]

Are opioid prescription rates changing for US adolescents?

A new analysis reveals that rates of opioid prescribing to US adolescents have decreased in recent years, primarily limited to non-surgery indications. Opioid prescription rates for surgery have remained stable. The analysis, which is published in Pediatric Anesthesia, assessed data from the 2015–2020 Medical Expenditure Panel Surveys, which are nationally representative, large-scale surveys conducted annually by the Agency for Healthcare Research […]

Toolkit to tackle potentially deadly opioid over prescription to be rolled out across parts of England

Leicester researchers are working with NHS partners in the East of England to lead the way in delivering the NHS’ goal of halving the amount of opioids prescribed for non-cancer pain by 2024. Opioids, like morphine and fentanyl, can be effective for short-term management of severe pain. However, they are highly addictive which makes stopping difficult, yet long-term use is […]