Race to Name Future Bond Underway

Race to Name Future Bond Underway

Race to Name Future Bond UnderwayRace to Name Future Bond Underway

Last year, Daniel Craig’s run as James Bond ended in No Time to Die with an explosive and shocking resolution. The spy’s five-film run with Eon Films, which owns the Bond franchise, led to quite a few changes in the beloved series. What began with 2006’s Casino Royale developed into one of the biggest Bond evolutions in the character’s history.

Without giving any spoilers away, the latest Bond installations hint that Eon Films might be taking a few more steps away from the original books and films. Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who now lead Eon Films, introduced major changes, including the first female 007 agent with Lashana Lynch. Even Billie Eilish’s Bond ballad took a different course than the usual belters, opting to create an atmosphere with crooning notes.

In other words, No Time to Die sets up a fresh start for a brand new Bond to make changes to series precedents—but what will these changes be? Some might come down to imagery. Back in the 1960s, Bond preferred to play Chemin du Fer while in the casino lobby but, by 2006’s Casino Royale, he had shifted to Texas Hold’em poker.

Going forward, could Bond develop a few new preferences in the casino? Given that today most players opt for online gaming, it’s possible Bond could step into the virtual world, much like in the Space Jam reboot. A title like roulette, for example, would provide more excitement than Chemin du Fer or poker. And with three different types to choose from online, the new Bond will have options. Most sites today offer standard roulette along with High Roller and American variations. It’s a fairly safe prediction that Bond would opt for High Roller roulette, though audiences will have to wait and see if he opts for his navy Skyfall tux while playing from the comfort of home.

But the most important change that’s up in the air is the identity of the latest James Bond. While some have eyed Lynch as the potential start of a female Bond franchise, it’s more likely a female Bond would see a totally new series. And that means there are still dozens of candidates in the running. Let’s take a closer look at the four top possibilities.

Dev Patel in the Right Place at the Right Time

Dev Patel is one of the most versatile actors in Britain. He’s also in his prime at age 31, which is the same age Sean Connery was when he took on his first Bond role. He’s got the talent and the recognition to pull off a convincing and intriguing Bond… but there’s one caveat: Patel doesn’t seem to have the interest.

Though he’s appeared in a few action films and worked with names like M. Night Shyamalan, he’s been very clear about his hesitancy to work with a big studio. And Eon Films is one of the biggest in the industry.

Henry Cavill: An Unlikely Fan Favorite

Back in 2005, Henry Cavill auditioned for the latest Bond reprisal. At age 22, he was a bit too green to overcome the experience and physicality of a Daniel Craig. However, Cavill has since become a global frontrunner for all projects action-oriented—and he’s now almost 40 years old, a standard age for a new Bond.

However, his participation in The Witcher franchise will likely gobble up his free time in the coming years. Additionally, his role as Clark Kent may also mean he’s simply unavailable to take on a new Bond role any time soon.

Henry Cavill in race to be the next Bond

Henry Cavill in race to be the next Bond

Regé-Jean Page Gets Nod from Former Bond

Since becoming a global name after the release of Netflix’s Bridgerton, Regé-Jean Page took a step away from the project permanently. Page apparently wanted to pivot quickly toward more serious roles. In fact, he’s currently working on another spy film called The Saint.

Could it be that he’s training for a promotion as the next James Bond? Already, Page has earned a critical nod from 90s Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Brosnan recently told Entertainment Tonight that he thought Page would make a stellar Bond. But does he have the experience?

Cillian Murphy With an Open Schedule

In terms of experience and recognition, Cillian Murphy is just as seasoned as Henry Cavill. Most importantly, the Peaky Blinders star also seems to be entering a more relaxed period in terms of workload, which means he could be a prime candidate.

However, working against Murphy are two elements: he doesn’t fit the bill of a younger Bond at age 45. And, maybe more importantly, neither he nor Cavill would represent a radical departure in terms of casting, which some fans are calling for.