‘Liger’ star Vijay Deverakonda reacts to Boycott Trends

Vijay Deverakonda, who is busy promoting his forthcoming film Liger, which releases in theatres on August 25, has been making headlines over the last few days.

His upcoming film is the latest target of the boycott trend on Twitter as many people are rejecting it because of Karan Johar’s involvement.

Now, during a press event in Vijayawada, the actor has responded to the same stating that they started the film in 2019 when there was no such boycott trend.

He said it all started in the Covid-19 lockdown and they were already into the shooting schedules by that time.

Vijay Deverakonda said there was no option better than Karan Johar to take their film nationwide.

Citing the example of Baahubali, the actor said that the filmmaker showed them a way into North India which was unknown territory.

Further expressing his displeasure at the social media hatred, Vijay Deverakonda said they have worked hard for three years to make Liger and there’s no need to listen to anybody.

He added that the Hindi film industry must fight this hatred.

Vijay said: “I have no fear and I know that in complete honesty, we have done it with our hearts.

“We all are from this country and we know how much we do for our people and country.

“We are not from that batch who sits in front of computers and tweets.”

Ahead of his Bollywood debut in Liger, the actor stood in support of Aamir Khan’s recent film Laal Singh Chaddha.

He also urged people to realise the impact of the boycott trend on others who work in the industry, other than the stars.

When asked about his thoughts on the boycott calls, the actor told India Today:

“I just think on a film set, other than the actor, director, and actress, there are many other important characters, 200-300 actors are working on a film and all of us have staff members, so a film gives employment to many people and is a source of livelihoods for many.

“When Aamir Khan Sir makes a Laal Singh Chaddha, it is his name that stars in the film.

“But there are 2000-3000 families that are being provided for.”

Earlier, Vijay Deverakonda tweeted in response to the negative things being said about him and wrote:

“Anybody trying to grow in their field. Will Always have a Target on their back – But we fight back.

“And when you are honest, yourself and want the best for everyone – The love of people and God will protect you.”

Liger also stars Ananya Panday in a pivotal role.