Influencer accuses Ahad Raza Mir of Bullying

Social media influencer Rida Amjad, who goes by the username ‘Waterstix’ on Instagram, has called out Ahad Raza Mir and Shahveer Jafry for bullying at an event.

Rida, who shared a video from the event in which the duo could be seen engaged in a conversation, wrote that the actor and vlogger made her feel “properly embarrassed” with their “mockery”.

The video is no longer available on Rida’s Instagram handle.

She wrote in her statement on the event:

“Sitting on this table was the worst decision since Shahveer and Ahad both made sure I feel properly embarrassed by their indirect jokes and mockery towards me.”

She continued: “All of this because I was trying to engage in casual conversation with him.”

Rida went on to add: “God, these so-called celebrities are full of arrogance, unable to give respect to anyone.”

The influencer later shared a post detailing her experience with Ahad and Shahveer to her Instagram Story.

She wrote alongside it: “The only one who can give respect is God.

“He knows I didn’t create a scene then and I didn’t create one when I got home even though they deserved the same response.”

She added: “And then this happened” concerning the news post.

The influencer concluded: “My story is valid. It is real.”

Both Ahad Raza Mir and Shahveer Jafry are yet to comment on the matter.

In response to a fan commending her for speaking up, Rida wrote on her Instagram story:

“There should always be accountability.”

Earlier, Ahad Raza Mir was spotted at a corporate event alongside Dananeer Mobeen and Shahveer Jafry.

Rida Amjad was also present there.

In other news, Ahad Raza Mir’s relationship status with his wife Sajal Aly continues to be discussed.

The rumours of the couple’s separation began when Sajal was promoting her film Khel Khel Mein alongside Bilal Abbas Khan, but her husband was nowhere to be seen.

Many wondered why Ahad was absent from the premiere of Sajal’s latest film.

Ahad’s family also did not attend the premiere despite having a close relationship with Sajal.

At the promotion of her Khel Khel Mein premiere, Sajal was asked about Ahad’s whereabouts.

Sajal said: “Ahad is at work, he is not in Pakistan so that is why he is not here.”

However, fans were not convinced with the actress’ response as Ahad was spotted at a party in Karachi around the same time.

The couple had a lavish destination wedding in Abu Dhabi and since then, the pair has been under the spotlight despite not being active on social media.