How to Download Videos from Facebook on Android? Free and Easy!

How to Download Videos from Facebook on Android? Free and Easy!

How to Download Videos from Facebook on Android? Free and Easy!How to Download Videos from Facebook on Android? Free and Easy!

The process of downloading content from popular video sites is frequently made difficult for various reasons, including concerns regarding copyright and revenue. They would prefer, however, that you either post a direct link to it or share it on your Facebook feed.

On the other hand, if you want to save a permanent copy of a video you saw on Facebook, but it is not your own, you most likely have a good reason for doing so. Because we have faith in you, and we will walk you through the easy process to download videos from Facebook to phone.

Best Facebook Video Downloader – Snaptube

You can easily download videos and music from Facebook using a platform like Snaptube downloader.

Snaptube is much more than just downloading videos from Facebook. It’s a comprehensive downloader app that helps you get videos from major platforms for free, as well as extract audio and save it as the highest quality MP3 file. This way you can watch videos and listen to music anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Regarding Facebook downloader apps for Android devices, Snaptube is head and shoulders above the competition.

How to Download Facebook Videos using Snaptube

Wondering how can Snaptube download videos from Facebook to your phone? The process only requires three basic steps to complete. And you can download stories, reels, group videos on Facebook using the same steps.

Step 1: Download the Snaptube app

Get the most recent version of the Snaptube Facebook video downloader APK by going to its official website. You can finish the installation by allowing your browser to access the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Locate the video you’re looking for on Facebook

Open the Snaptube app. Tap the Facebook icon from the top bar, and browse to discover the video you wish to download. Another option is to copy the link to the video on Facebook and paste it into Snaptube’s search bar, which will directly bring you to the target video.

Step 3: Download videos from Facebook onto your mobile device

Click the download button in the lower right corner. Make your selections for the resolution and the format. After a few moments, and the video from Facebook would be downloaded onto your phone.

This is how to download Facebook videos on Android using the Snaptube app.

Some amazing features of Snaptube

Facebook story saver

You can use Snaptube to save high-quality HD quality. You can download Facebook videos directly to your phone from Snaptube’s native interface. With a single click, saving a video from Facebook is a seamless task with the help of the Snaptube app.

Facebook reels downloader

Downloading Facebook reels and shorts is possible at high speeds and in high-definition resolutions.

Facebook photo downloader

Download photos, profile pictures, and albums from Facebook. Scroll through your Facebook feed until you see an image you like, and click the button to download it. Additionally, Snaptube enables users to download multiple photos all at once.


1) How do I download videos from Facebook using the link?

Find the video you want to download on Facebook. Select Copy Link after clicking the Share button. After that, you should paste the link into the search bar on Snaptube. You won’t need to load the video if you use Snaptube. Please save it to your device by pressing the download button.

2) How do I download the version of the Facebook story that includes music?

Every video will include background music if you download Facebook Stories through Snaptube. Additionally, you can extract audio from videos that have already been downloaded.

3) The videos that are downloaded from Facebook – where do they get stored?

You can quickly locate Facebook videos and music downloaded by going to Snaptube and selecting “My Files.” They are also kept in the memory built into your mobile device.

4) Can Snaptube be used as the Facebook downloader app on an iPhone?

The Snaptube app is currently only available for Android devices and does not provide support for iOS-based gadgets. You may need to use some online Facebook downloader tools to successfully download Facebook videos onto your iPhone.


If you love the content you watch on Facebook, and want to download videos from Facebook, figuring out how to save videos from Facebook to your phone is essential? You should use Snaptube to download Facebook videos! It is free, safe, and extremely easy to use for any kind of video download from Facebook. Check out the app now!

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