Here’a A Big Update On Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date & Plot

Here’a A Big Update On Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date & Plot

Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date UpdatesYellowstone Season 5 Release Date Updates
Yellowstone Season 5

Here’s a big update for all those fans waiting for Yellowstone Season 5 premiere on Paramount Network.

Admit it! We just can’t wait to see the Dutton family on our TV screens. It’s been more than four months since we last saw John (Kevin Costner) rode off at the end of the season 4 finale with a heavy heart. While it has been confirmed that Yellowstone Season 5 would begin filming in May, we are still unaware about when will we get to see the next season premiere. Well, we have some big update regarding the next season and its coming from none other than the creator Taylor Sheridan. In a recent interview, Taylor hinted about a potential premiere date for season 5.

Speaking with Variety for their cover story published on April 20, Taylor shared important details about what’s coming next. As per Varierty, Yellowstone season 5 will see John going after the title of Montana governor. This will cause visible tension between him and his eldest son, Jamie (Wes Bentley). Well, Jamie had no choice but to publicly support his father. Jamie is in deep trouble as his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) snapped a photo of him in the middle of a criminal act.

Taylor confirms that the production will begin in May

Fans would be happy to know that the Taylor has confirmed to the magazine that production will begin in May. He also hinted that Yellowstone season 5 will have “a premiere date in late summer.”

Now, this is some news and it seems that the series will get back closer to its original release schedule of June instead of November like last year.

For those who don’t know, season 5 of Yellowstone will be supersized. Unlike the previous three installments that had 10 episodes,  the new season will have a total of 14 episodes. These 14 episodes will be released in two instalments of 7 episodes each.