Adil Khan says his Family have not accepted Rakhi Sawant

“It is an ongoing process. It will take some time.”

Rakhi Sawant’s husband Adil Khan Durrani has revealed that his family have still not accepted her.

Rakhi hit the headlines after viral pictures showed her and Adil wearing garlands and holding a marriage certificate.

She confirmed that she and Adil secretly tied the knot, stating that the wedding actually happened in July 2022.

Rakhi said: “Yes, I got married to Adil in July last year after three months of knowing him.

“We had a nikah ceremony and a court marriage. Since he stopped me from disclosing it, I remained tightlipped for the past seven months.

“He felt that it would get difficult to find a suitor for his sister if people got to know about our marriage.”

In an Instagram post, she said:

“Finally, I’m happy so excited and got married my love is forever unconditional love for you Adil.”

Despite her comments, Adil denied that they were married.

He later said that they were. Adil said:

“Well, yes, Rakhi and I are married. We are living together and happy.”

However, his family have not accepted her. Adil continued:

“It is an ongoing process. It will take some time.”

It was reported that Adil had denied the marriage rumours as his family has not “reconciled” with her.

Rakhi Sawant also claimed that there were problems in her marriage.

She said: “A lot happened while I was away locked up inside the Bigg Boss Marathi 4 house recently.

“I will elaborate on my experiences when the time is right.

“At this point, all I want is to save my relationship and I want the world to know that I am married to Adil.

“These days, I’m quite frustrated due to a couple of things, so it was necessary to make my marriage public.”

Prior to their marriage, Rakhi Sawant spoke about Adil’s family. She said:

“Some people say things like ‘if you will bring Rakhi as your wife, who will marry your sister’.

“What is this? Am I some terrorist, why can’t I get married? Why can’t his sister get good prospects because of me, relations are anyway made in heaven.”

Rakhi was previously married to businessman Ritesh Singh, with whom she entered Bigg Boss 15 with.

They quickly split up and she soon discovered that her marriage was invalid as Ritesh had not divorced his wife.

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