10 Top Pakistani Films to Watch in 2021

10 Top Pakistani Films to Watch in 2021

10 Top Pakistani Films to Watch in 2021

10 Top Pakistani Films to Watch in 2021 many Pakistani films were originally scheduled to be released in 2020, but COVID-19 forced them to postpone. Many of them will be released in 2021, with others. Both the industry and the filmmakers have been through a difficult time. However, Pakistani cinema hopes to begin a process for recovery in 2021. Some big movies from Pakistan are being released. This could make 2021 a great year for cinema houses both in Pakistan and elsewhere.

All eyes are now on The Legend of Maula Jatt’s release. The film stars an A-list cast of celebrities and will be released in many countries, including China. Sarmad Khoosat, the super director, also has two films from Pakistan that will be released in 2021. These are 11 stunning Pakistani films you should be looking out for in 2021.

1:- Dum Mastam

Dum Mastam is a rom-com with Mohammad Ehteshamuddin as the director. It is one of the most awaited Pakistani movies of 2021. Amir Khan and Imran Ashraf, well-known for their realistic screen presences, are making their film debuts in Dum Mastam. Charming Imran has been a big hit on TV. Amar, a gifted writer, is the director of the film.

The story centres on the dysfunctional life of a Punjabi family. This film is Punjabi-centric and will be appreciated by many viewers. Momin Saqib, an internationally renowned online sensation, plays a supporting part in the film. Adnan Shah Tipu, Saleem Mairaj, and Sohail Ahmed play pivotal roles. Adnan Siddiqui, actor and producer, posted a picture on Instagram after the film was completed. He uploaded a video of his cast and crew as well as wrote:

“Madness.Chaos…Laughter…Mischiefs.Tears..and a wrap! You are welcome! “About one year ago, we met on uncharted territory. There were doyens and novices at each end of the scales, drawing on each other’s knowledge. “More important than the concept, it was our eccentricities and creativities that glued our hearts together until the camera shuttered on our beloved Dum Mastam.” In the same post, he also thanked the entire team. Dum Mam will be released in 2021, perhaps in the winter.

2:- Fatman

Fatman, one of the most interesting Pakistani films, tackles a serious topic. This superhero film, starring actor Ahmad Ali Butt and singer, will focus on body shame. Ahmad is the first person to play the lead role in a Pakistani film, despite appearing in many Pakistani movies. Ahmad shared an Instagram photo of himself and his team, along with a description.

“My next film, and my first lead role with these crazy people. “Looking forward to making a great movie with these amazing filmmakers. I hope you all will love it as much that I love the script. The film will show the emotions and relationships of a family. The film will focus on the difficulties faced by a man with obesity.

Ahmad stated that the film might have changed how people perceive superheroes. Director Nabeel Qureshi and producer-screenwriter Fizza Ali Meerza are the filmmakers behind this project. After making Na Maloom Afraad (2014) and its sequel, they became well-known. The movie’s storyline was shared by the filmmakers: “Fatman” is an action comedy-drama about a normal person who accidentally becomes a superhero. It will be interesting to find out if Ahmad has performed any songs in the film. The Urdu film will be released sometime in 2021.

3:- Ghabrana Nahin Hai

Ghabrana Nahin Ha (GNH) is a rom-com film starring the versatile Saba Qamar as a multi-character character. The film opens at a wedding, with three men who seem to have good marriage potentials. Actors Zahid Ahmed, Syed Jibran, and Nayyer Itjaz are the three suitors. In this family-friendly film, you will witness the chemistry between Zahid and Saba. Images have more information from Jamil Baig, the producer.

The story is about female empowerment. It is the story of a daughter whose family finds themselves in a difficult situation. The daughter says to them, “Ghabrana Nahin Hai [You shouldn’t worry]” He continues to explain how Prime Minister Imran Khan responsibly uses the title’s words:

“We don’t treat [the title] as a joke. These words are used by the prime minister when addressing the nation. He properly uses these words, I believe.” Jamil founded JB Films to produce this film. Jamil also owns Nueplex cinema. Hassan Zia is also a producer. This film is directed by Saqib Khan, which Mohsin Ali wrote. The Urdu film will be released sometime between 2021 and 2221.

4:- Ishrat: Made In China

Ishrat: This Pakistani film was made in China and will be released in 2021. This Urdu action-comedy features a star-studded cast. After Bachana (2016), Mohib Mirza & Sanam Saeed are back together as a couple. Mohib’s directorial debut is also in this film. Shamoon Abbasi and Sara Loren are the remaining cast.

Ahsan Raza wrote this film. It focuses on rivalries among different gangs. Sanam posted a picture of Mohib and herself on Instagram. She was happy to be a part of the project and posted a caption: It’s been a long wait! We don’t know where the cinema will go shortly, but we wanted to keep you entertained. “Thrilled to have been part of Ishrat Made in China, a Muhib Mirza Film.” This is a peek from The Cast Reveal for you all. It’s not how the character looks!

Hassan Sheheryar, a renowned fashion designer, also took to Instagram to share his thoughts. He shared his image and said: “Proudly announce my official debut as an actor!” “This was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and I am honoured to have been a part of it.” It’s a film I cannot wait to share with you all!

Hassan plays a negative role in the film. After completing their shooting schedule in June 2020, the crew and cast were forced to stay for several weeks in Thailand. COVID-19 travel restrictions were the reason why I was stranded. Ishrat – Made in China release 2021

5:- Kamli

Kamli, a Pakistani film directed by Sarmad Khoosat, is an ace director. The film’s writer is also him. A stellar cast includes Saba Qamar and Sania Saeed, Nimrabucha, Eman Shahid, and Nimra Bucha. Kamli is a tragic love story that represents a vibrant, humourous rural Punjab.

This film is set in Lahore and follows an older man who becomes chaotic. After a video featuring him is made available on social media, he decides to make this film. Variety interviewed Sarmad about the film’s theme of patience. “Exploring the idea of tolerance was what was most important to my heart.

“Tolerance does not mean to be open to other people (to allow them to be who they are), but to also to yourself – this is where shame, approval and the need to conform to certain standards comes in. are important. “I’ve been in situations where it was difficult to be more open-minded and accepting of myself.”

Sarmad believes that Kamli will show “poetic poetry and love-lore in a global film aesthetic.” Saba is the film’s face, with several images showing her swimming underwater. Kamli was the world premiere at the 2019 Busan International Film Festival, South Korea. The release of this Urdu film was planned for summer 2020. It was pushed back to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

6:- London Nahin Jaunga

London Nahin Jaunga is a romantic drama film. Nadeem Beyg directs while Khalil-ur Rahman is the writer. The writer says that “it’s a completely different story.” This is the same team that made Punjab Nahin Jaungi(2017). London will be featured as a location in the film, just like the title. The director posted on Instagram, June 15, 2020, to announce that the Pakistan stage of the shooting was over.

He shared his image with Mehwish Hayat, Kubra Khan and wrote a caption, noting: “Camera Close Pakistan Spell. (January) “Hopefully, soon, I’d be able to wear one with the Pounds bill on.” Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat will play the leading couple in this fun film. LNJ also stars Kubra Khan and Gohar Rasheed and Salman Shahid, Salman Omar, Iffat Omar, Saba Faisal, and Sohail Ahmed.

Kubra and Mehwish will appear together in a film for the first time. Exclusively, Mehwish, who is one the most graceful actresses in Pakistani cinemas, tells DESIblitz: “I was disappointed that filming had to be stopped because COVID occurred earlier in 2020. All the scenes from Pakistan were captured in the film, and all that was left was the London shoot.

“I can’t speak about the role or the film. After just finishing the scenes, I can say that I am extremely pleased with how it turned out and the look it is taking. “I believe that the same team produced the film as JPNA and PNJ, so the audience knows what to expect. “Hopefully, people will feel comfortable going back into the cinemas again – but safety must always come first.”

The film’s stars will likely speak in Urdu and Punjabi to their audiences. The film is expected to hit theatres around the Eid-ul-Adha celebrations in 2021.

7:- Money Back Guarantee

Money-back Guarantee (MBG) is an Urdu comedy-thriller movie. Faisal Qureshi, a Pakistani comedian, directs the movie. Faisal, who is known for his ability to deliver action and comedy, also wrote the script. MBG will feature a money heist aspect that will entertain viewers with lots of laughter.

Star-studded cast members make up the film’s star-studded cast. Fawad Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar are among the stars. Jan Rambo, Shayan Khan and Kiran Malik are also included. Wasim Akram, a former Pakistan cricket legend, makes his MBG film debut – even if it’s only a small part. Shaniera Akram, his Australian wife, also makes her film debut in this film.

The film will feature many stars, including Ali Rehman Khan (the director) and Faysal Qureshi (the producer). Shaniera was challenged and had fun during the shoot. She posted a behind-the-scenes photo to Instagram, sharing her thoughts and experiences. “A nervous Shaniera behind scenes of my first Pakistani film!”

“My twelve days on set included a broken ankle, a lock into the bathroom, a painful Tetanus shot and sleepless nights. I also ate Lays masala chips, language barriers, lots of Lays masala chips, romantic moments, and an amazing chandelier stunt that gave me an experience beyond my imagination.

“Do you think I should be guaranteed my money back? What do you think? “What an amazing experience working with the great @faisalqureshi_official and such an awesome cast; it was lots and lots of fun!” Filming took place in Karachi, Thailand, at the end of 2019. Filming and the soundtrack were completed in just forty days. Everyone had to adhere to a strict schedule.

Malaysian Calvin Kehoe, a prominent cinematographer at MBG, uses a two-camera shoot. Initial plans were for it to be released in 2020. However, COVID-19 halted that release. It will be released in 2021.

8:- Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad

Qaide-e-Azam Zidanabad, an Urdu commercial action-comedy film. This is the second film by Nabeel Qureshi, Fizza Ali Meerza, the director and producer. Nabeel exclusively informed instep that Fahad Mustafa, the male lead in the role of a police officer, will be playing it. “Fahad plays a cop character.” Nabeel also informs Dawn that Mahira Khan, the female lead in this film, has a unique role.

Fahad and Mahira will share screen space for the first time. Nabeel unveiled the first posters on August 14, 2020. This date falls on Pakistan’s independence day. Nabeel added a caption to the posters that read: “Aajke din – shout it loud and clear!” Quaid-e – Azam Zindabad. Pakistan Zindabad.”

The first poster shows Mahira Khan standing in front of a caged Lion with a loudspeaker held in her hand. The second poster also showed Fahad’s back as he stood towards the stack of cash. This image is of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Fahad also carries a gun and some money in his hands. They overlap one another. He is also wearing shades and is dressed in a police uniform.

Fahad talked to The Current about his vision for the film and his injuries during the shooting. I sustained multiple injuries during these stunts. My heel was hurt during filming, and I was unable to walk properly. However, I performed all stunts by myself.

The official teaser was released on October 17, 2020, and received over 600,000. YouTube hits. The trailer highlights the exciting and entertaining aspects of this film. Firmware Pictures will release the movie.

9:- The Legend of Maula Jatt

The Legend of Maula Jatt (TLOMJ) is one of the most exciting Pakistani films to release in 2021. This story was written by Nasir Saab, a veteran scriptwriter, and Bilal Lashari (W aar 2013 fame). TLOMJ’s dialogue writer is Nasir Saab. This Bilal’s second directorial, after Waar. Amara Hikmat produced the film. Encyclopedia, Lashari films produce this film.

TLMOJ, a Punjabi movie, is a modern version of the cult film Maula Jatt (1979). The epic rivalry between Maula Jatt and Noori Natt (Hamza A. Abbasi) is the film’s focus. Fawad is a powerful heartthrob in the subcontinent, while Hamza has a mysterious personality.

The stellar lineup includes the stunning Mahira Khan (Mukhoo Jatti) and the versatile Humaima Malik (Daaro Nattni). Bilal revealed that he is the director of this film in an exclusive interview with The Express Tribune, December 14, 2013. “This is my take on Gandasa movies, which are blamed for the demise of Lollywood. The Gandasa film genre was a missed chance for Pakistani cinema. “And what better way to use it than to pay homage to the cult-favourite Maula Jatt?” The famous dialogue can be heard in the original TLMOJ. ‘Macaulay Nu Maula Na Maray, Tay Maula Nai Marda.”

On February 27, 2015, the first look poster for TLMOJ was released via the official Facebook page. Many people from India were curious about the trailer when uploaded to YouTube on December 21 2018. This Urdu film was originally scheduled to release on Eid-ul-Fir 2019, but it had to be moved ahead due to the pandemic of coronavirus. TLMOJ will likely premiere during Eid celebrations, which is expected to take place sometime in 2021.

10:- Tich Button

Tich Button, an Urdu romantic action entertainer, is directed by Qasim Al Mureed. This film was written by Faiza Iftikhar, who is a screenwriter and author for television. Real-life partners Farhan Saeed & Urwa Hocane appear side by side in a movie for the first time.

Urwa is also producing this film. Hubby Fahan’s big-screen debut is in Tich Button. It’s an ARY Film with Salman Iqbal (the network President and CEO) as the other producer. The official Instagram account of ARY Films announced the beginning of principal photography. “The crew and cast of #TichButton are ready to film. “The film’s other cast members are Iman Ali, Sonyahussain, and Feroze Khan. Urwa posted a photo of the cast on Instagram with the caption: “#TichButton In Turkey.”