Hospital Pharmacy services in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian

John A. Armitstead is the System Director of Pharmacy at Lee Health in Fort Myers, Florida. During the past five years, Fort Myers has twice been hit by major hurricanes (Irma in 2017, Ian in 2022), making him possibly the most hurricane-experienced pharmacy director in the United States.  In this series of short videos, he describes the preparations that the […]

The SAIVE trial for prevention of COVID-19

Professor Colleen Aldous is a research professor at in the School of Clinical Medicine at the University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa. She recently described the SAIVE trial of prophylactic ivermectin for covid-19 as the “best quality RCT we have yet seen published on ivermectin”. In this series of short videos, she explains what makes the SAIVE trial so good […]

The impact of vitamin D on auto-immune disease

A recent prospective study has shown that vitamin D supplementation has a “strongly positive effect” in reducing the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis, Martin Hewison, Professor of Molecular Endocrinology, explains. [embedded content] The recognition that low vitamin D levels were linked with increased risks of a variety of health issues, including common cancers and autoimmune disease, prompted calls for prospective, randomised, […]

Why do people become vitamin D deficient?

Vitamin D deficiency occurs even in sunny parts of the world and one way to tackle it could be fortification of flour, a foodstuff that is used by most communities, suggests Professor of Molecular Endocrinology, Martin Hewison. [embedded content] One reason for low levels of vitamin D is limited exposure to sunlight and countries in the far North or South […]

Vitamin D and auto-immune disease

Vitamin D has a clear role in regulating the immune/inflammatory response and association studies have demonstrated a link between vitamin D deficiency and autoimmune diseases. However, supplementation is complicated by the lack of universal agreement about the levels that are ‘normal’ and ‘deficient’, says Professor Martin Hewison. [embedded content] Vitamin D acts in both the innate and adaptive arms of […]

Vitamin D: endocrine, intracrine and paracrine functions

Recent studies suggest that vitamin D has a much broader role in the human body than its well-documented effects on calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism. It has a role in normal immune function and could play a part in autoimmune disease. IMI spoke to Martin Hewison, Professor of molecular endocrinology at the University of Birmingham, to find out more. [embedded […]

The community pharmacy role in suicide prevention

The inclusion of antidepressants in the New Medicine Service for community pharmacists provides a good opportunity for pharmacist to provide extra support for patients at a critical time, says Dr Hayley Gorton, senior lecturer in pharmacy practice at the University of Huddersfield and suicide prevention researcher. [embedded content] Pharmacists and pharmacy teams that want to find out more about contributing […]

Clinical pharmacy services in the dermatology biologics clinic

Kläre Bryant, advanced clinical pharmacist in dermatology at Liverpool University Hospitals, was a recently-qualified independent prescriber when she managed the switch to biosimilar infliximab for the cohort of dermatology patients who were receiving the drug. Clinics for patients receiving biologic and other systemic treatment were the next logical step for her. Over time her role in the clinics has developed […]

Recent developments and primary care goals for ovarian cancer

For primary care teams, keeping up-to-date with developments and current best practice is the key to expediting ovarian cancer diagnosis, according to Dr Sharon Tate, Head of Primary Care Development, Target Ovarian Cancer (TOC). A national clinical audit and the approval of niraparib are two important, recent developments for ovarian cancer. Government funding for a national ovarian cancer audit (in […]