How my Desi Girlfriend turned into my Alcoholic Wife

From hidden clues, secret drinking and being in denial, these are the true events of how Arun Chowla’s* girlfriend, Pooja*, turned into his alcoholic wife. There’s no denying that there is a big drinking culture in South Asian communities, especially for men. But, this can lead to a range of issues including alcohol dependency, even for women. However, why isn’t […]

How I Came out as a Lesbian to my South Asian Parents

Whether a person is gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, a tremendous amount of stigma lingers in relation to this. Although wider society is making progress towards more inclusive communities, some South Asian families within the UK still find this topic taboo. This transcends to even younger generations who are exposed to certain narratives regarding sexual identities. However, this has not stopped […]

Is it Okay to Take Nude Selfies?

Amongst British Asians and wider society, sexting and sending nude selfies are common in modern-day relationships. Sending intimate, sultry and exposing photos of yourself is daring but represents the level of trust between two people. Although sending nude selfies is seductive and can heighten the sexuality between a couple, it is still a stigmatic topic within British Asian communities. Sex […]

5 Domestic Abuse Organisations for British Asian Men

The UK highly disregards domestic abuse towards British Asian men. However, these top domestic abuse organisations are trying to change that. Although there is more awareness in regards to domestic abuse, relating this to British Asian communities is frowned upon. Whether it’s male or female, domestic abuse is a dangerous yet consistent problem within South Asian homes in the UK. […]

Why do South Asian Women Experience Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault happens to many women across the world. Yet, the media and society can often overlook the victims of these attacks. This type of abuse is an act of physical, psychological, and emotional violation in the form of a sexual act without consent. It is a traumatic experience and it can make a survivor feel isolated, weak, and blameworthy. […]

Amo Raju on ‘Walk Like A Man’ & Disability Stigma

Campaigner, politician and writer, Amo Raju, is a formidable name in delivering support for those with disabilities in Derby, UK. The inspiring entrepreneur is a catalyst in aiding disabled people to get integrated into society. In 1998, he became the CEO of Disability Direct, a charity that “facilitate independent living opportunities for disabled people.” Not only does this highlight Amo’s […]