Azeem Rafiq says He Continues to Face Racist Abuse

Former cricketer Azeem Rafiq has revealed that he is in regular contact with police after receiving racist abuse and threats following his account of racism within cricket. In 2021, Rafiq detailed his experience of racist abuse during his time with Yorkshire County Cricket Club. The 31-year-old said “inhuman” treatment from teammates and senior staff members left him feeling suicidal. He […]

Hannah Kumari astounds in her Magical Play ‘ENG-ER-LAND’

Performer, writer and producer, Hannah Kumari, is stunning in her football-inspired production ENG-ER-LAND. The gripping one-woman show is set in the 90s. Hannah’s character, Lizzie, is travelling to a match alone after her friends stand her up. Combining emotional storytelling, vibrant dance routines and retro nostalgia, ENG-ER-LAND takes inspiration from the upbringing of Hannah Kumari as a mixed-race teenager. Although the […]

Nasser Hanif on ‘Around the Wicket’, Cricket & Racism

Experienced news and radio sports broadcaster, Nasser Hanif, is the producer of Around the Wicket, an interesting cricket podcast series. BBC Sounds commissioned Nasser Hanif in 2021 to produce the three-episode series, focusing on Yorkshire’s Asian Cricket. In this podcast series, Nasser takes the listeners on a journey with a historical perspective. He looks at the backstory to the Azeem Rafiq […]

Is Racism an Issue for Fashion?

After years of systemic discrimination and cases of cultural appropriation, the fashion industry is yet to truly confront the issue of racism. When it comes to addressing issues of race, the fashion industry has struggled. Cultural appropriation, racist blunders and the lack of runway diversity are key talking points, which have led to a rise in diversity and inclusion schemes. […]