Study determines most effective ways for hospitals to reduce medication errors

A new study from researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a founding member of the Mass General Brigham healthcare system, has shed new light on the best strategies hospitals can use for medication reconciliation, the critical and difficult task of updating and verifying a patient’s medication lists and orders, regardless of where they are in the health care system. The study, published […]

Paxlovid associated with lower risk of hospital admission

A Kaiser Permanente study confirms the benefit of nirmatrelvir-ritonavir, also known as Paxlovid, as an early-stage treatment to prevent hospitalization for people with mild to moderate COVID-19, regardless of prior immunity or age. The study was published March 15, 2023, in Lancet ID. “Among Kaiser Permanente members in Southern California who tested positive for coronavirus infection, receiving Paxlovid within 5 […]

Which medications are best for treating acute low back pain?

Acute low back pain is a common cause of disability. An analysis in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research examined which non-opioid drugs are best for treating this condition. The analysis, which included all randomized controlled trials published to date (18 studies with 3,478 patients), showed that muscle relaxants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) could effectively and rapidly reduce symptoms. The combination of […]

Donor hearts can be reprogrammed with medication for longer storage, improved transplant outcomes

Hundreds of thousands of Americans with heart failure are sick enough to benefit from a transplant, yet only around 4,000 heart transplants are performed annually. One reason for this gap is the time window during which a heart can survive outside the donor body before transplant hovers around four hours. And the longer it takes for the donor heart to […]

Single dose of azithromycin reduces maternal sepsis or death

Ten percent of maternal deaths are caused by infections that occur shortly before, during or after delivery. Maternal infections and sepsis, which is a serious complication of infections, are among the top five causes of maternal mortality worldwide. Maternal infection also increases the risk of neonatal sepsis, which accounts for 16 percent of newborn deaths. A new study published today in the New […]

Common heartburn drugs could speed up TB treatment

The findings, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) today, may mean TB can be cured with shorter treatments. TB typically takes months to treat with multiple drugs. This poses logistical challenges in completing treatment for many people. So, it is widely agreed that shortening TB treatment is needed to thwart the global burden of the disease. Heartburn drugs […]

Four new medicines approved by EMA

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved four new medicines at its January meeting, getting 2023 off to a low-key start. The Agency’s key human medicines committee (CHMP) recommended granting a marketing authorisation for Sotyktu (deucravacitinib) – a medicine for the treatment of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis in adults, a skin disease causing red, scaly patches. The committee adopted positive opinions […]

Pharmacist makes case for reducing use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for acute kidney infections

A new study led by Ochsner infectious diseases clinical pharmacist Kevin Lin, PharmD, was recently published in PLoS One, suggesting that oral cephalosporins are as safe and effective as the standard of care fluoroquinolones (FQs) for the treatment of acute kidney infections. Cephalosporins belong to a family of antibiotics called beta-lactams which are generally regarded as “narrower-spectrum” meaning they don’t kill […]