Interim data from INSPIRE study of Alofisel shows clinical remission rate in Crohn’s disease – Takeda

Takeda announced the first six-month interim analysis results from INSPIRE, in which clinical remission was observed in 65% of patients in both cohorts who were evaluated at 6 months. INSPIRE is a European, observational, multicenter, post-approval, open-enrollment study (EUPAS24267) evaluating the real-world effectiveness and safety of Alofisel (darvadstrocel) in patients with Crohn’s disease (CD) and complex perianal fistulas. As of […]

Troponin emerges as marker of death risk after cardiac surgery

Canadian researchers report that troponin levels after cardiac surgery could be a significant marker for 30-day mortality risk. Their findings were published on March 2, 2022 in the New England Journal of Medicine. “This study is a landmark for the health teams taking care of patients after cardiac surgery. For the first time, we have a marker that is fast […]

Researchers map human sensory neurons, pursue chronic pain cure

An investigation into how human nerve cells differ from animal cells has provided researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for Advanced Pain Studies (CAPS) with important clues in the pursuit of more effective treatments for chronic pain. Dr. Ted Price BS’97, Ashbel Smith Professor of neuroscience in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS) and CAPS […]

Pilot study suggests artificial intelligence could help assess, improve heart transplant outcomes

Heart transplantation can be a lifesaving operation for patients with end-stage heart failure. However, many patients experience organ transplant rejection, in which the immune system begins attacking the transplanted organ. But detecting transplant rejection is challenging — in its early stages, patients may not experience symptoms, and experts do not always agree on the degree and severity of the rejection. […]

Mayo Clinic discovery in bone marrow cancer points to potential drug targets

New research from Mayo Clinic’s Center for Individualized Medicine finds that patients with ASXL1-mutant chronic myelomonocytic leukemia — an uncommon type of cancer of the bone marrow — have distinctive epigenetic changes that can activate harmful genes and cause the cancer to grow faster. The ASXL1 genetic mutation also can transform the disease into the more aggressive acute myeloid leukemia. The study, published in Nature Communications, […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to solve one of health care’s most enduring problems

Medical imaging is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in health care with providers ordering dozens of imaging studies for their patients every day. These studies are used to gain information about certain symptoms a patient has or a condition they are being treated for, but frequently have incidental findings unrelated to the original indication for the study. […]

Diagnosis and self-help for ovarian cancer

It is a complete myth that ovarian cancer is a silent killer – even early-stage disease causes symptoms and knowing what they are is key to early treatment, according to Dr Sharon Tate, Head of Primary Care Development, Target Ovarian Cancer (TOC). Target Ovarian Cancer works hard to stamp out the myth of ‘the silent killer’, says Dr Tate. In […]

Sleep apnea accelerates aging, but treatment may reverse it

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects 22 million people in the U.S. and is linked to a higher risk of hypertension, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and many other chronic conditions. But now researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine have found that untreated OSA also accelerates the biological aging process and that appropriate treatment can slow or possibly reverse the trend. […]

Sandoz launches generic lenalidomide in 19 countries across Europe

Sandoz has announced the launch of generic oncology medicine lenalidomide, indicated for several haemato-oncology conditions as recommended by the latest European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) guidelines. The medicine will become available to patients in 19 countries across Europe. The cost of treating multiple myeloma patients is high and continues to rise. Affordability of and access to new multiple myeloma […]