Balraj Khanna talks ‘Born in India Made in England’

Distinguished artist and author, Balraj Khanna has written an emotionally insightful autobiography, Born in India Made in England (2021. The book details the prestigious life of one of India and Britains most elaborate artists. Witnessing the 1947 partition of India, Balraj has experienced both peace and war in his younger years. However, as he came to grips with the changing landscape of […]

5 Top Paintings by Indian Artist Bhupen Khakhar

Numerous amazing artists and illustrators emerge from South Asia but there are not many quite like Bhupen Khakhar. Born on March 10, 1934, in Bombay, India, Khakhar was a self-taught painter but started his career relatively late. Originally, Khakhar was on track to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). He was the first person from his family to attend the University […]