Toolkit to tackle potentially deadly opioid over prescription to be rolled out across parts of England

Leicester researchers are working with NHS partners in the East of England to lead the way in delivering the NHS’ goal of halving the amount of opioids prescribed for non-cancer pain by 2024. Opioids, like morphine and fentanyl, can be effective for short-term management of severe pain. However, they are highly addictive which makes stopping difficult, yet long-term use is […]

Researcher finds over-the-counter meds a ‘needle in the haystack’ of the larger pain pill epidemic

Drug misuse is not exclusive to the opioid epidemic, according to a recent West Virginia Universitystudy. Every year, about 50,000 people in the United States are admitted to the emergency room due to misuse of a common over-the-counter pain medication – acetaminophen. With that in mind, Mark Garofoli, director of experiential learning at the WVU School of Pharmacy, spearheaded research that revealed that the public’s […]

Recreational marijuana access reduces demand for prescription drugs

Legalization of recreational marijuana reduces demand for costly prescription drugs through state Medicaid programs, according to an analysis by a Cornell researcher and a collaborator. When states legalize marijuana, the volume of prescriptions within the drug classes that align with the medical indications for pain, depression, anxiety, sleep, psychosis and seizures significantly decline, the researchers found. Shyam Raman, a doctoral […]

Global estimates of headaches suggest disorder impacts over 50 percent of the population

A new review of the evidence suggests 52% of the global population are affected by a headache disorder every year, with 14% reporting migraines. The review is published in The Journal of Headache and Pain. Headaches are one of the most prevalent and disabling conditions worldwide. However, studies of headache prevalence can vary greatly in their methods and samples, which may […]

FSA publishes list of permitted CBD products

The UK has become the first country in the world to regulate the market for safe, oral cannabidiol (CBD) products with the release on 31st March of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) public list of cannabinoid (CBD) products permitted for sale to consumers. Publication of the list represents a key step in the path to full authorisation, expected in 2023. […]

Researchers map human sensory neurons, pursue chronic pain cure

An investigation into how human nerve cells differ from animal cells has provided researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas’ Center for Advanced Pain Studies (CAPS) with important clues in the pursuit of more effective treatments for chronic pain. Dr. Ted Price BS’97, Ashbel Smith Professor of neuroscience in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (BBS) and CAPS […]

Sleep apnea may lead to increased joint pain in postmenopausal women

The menopause transition is associated with several health issues. The incidence of both sleep apnea and joint pain, for example, are higher in postmenopausal women. A new study aimed to investigate the association between various physical and psychological symptoms common during the menopause transition with sleep apnea. Study results are published online today in Menopause, the journal of The North American […]

Can a dangerous microbe offer a new way to silence pain?

Deadly anthrax toxin blocks multiple types of pain in mice, study shows. Anthrax has a scary reputation. Widely known to cause serious lung infections in humans and unsightly, albeit painless, skin lesions in livestock and people, the anthrax bacterium has even been used as a weapon of terror. Now the findings of a new study suggest the dreaded microbe also […]

Pre-surgical and post-surgical physical therapy for knee replacement patients lowers risk of chronic opioid use

Physical therapy appears to the lower risk of chronic opioid use among patients undergoing total knee replacement, researchers reported on Oct. 27, 2021 in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The investigators reported that physical therapy within 90 days before or after total knee replacement was associated with lower risk of chronic opioid use. Furthermore, six or more sessions of physical therapy […]

FDA approves Qulipta for prevention of migraine – AbbVie

The FDA has approved Qulipta (atogepant tablets), from AbbVie, for the preventive treatment of episodic migraine in adults. The approval of Qulipta was based on findings from the Phase III ADVANCE study, a Phase II/III efficacy, safety, and tolerability study, and a Phase III long-term safety study. In the pivotal Phase III, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group ADVANCE trial, 910 […]