Automated nutrition app can help people follow healthier diet

People could benefit from fully automated personal nutritional advice, as a new research paper shows that an app improved healthy diet in clinical trials. A paper published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research today (Mon 25 April 22) shows how the eNutri app developed by researchers in human nutrition and biomedical engineering at the University of Reading helped people to eat […]

New study reveals that healthy plant-based diets are associated with a lower risk of developing diabetes

New research published in Diabetologia (the journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes [EASD]) finds that the consumption of healthy plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, coffee, and legumes, is associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes (T2D) in generally healthy people and support their role in diabetes prevention. The study was conducted by Professor Frank […]

FSA publishes list of permitted CBD products

The UK has become the first country in the world to regulate the market for safe, oral cannabidiol (CBD) products with the release on 31st March of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) public list of cannabinoid (CBD) products permitted for sale to consumers. Publication of the list represents a key step in the path to full authorisation, expected in 2023. […]

Can weekly prednisone treat obesity?

Obese mice that were fed a high-fat diet and that received prednisone one time per week had improved exercise endurance, got stronger, increased their lean body mass and lost weight, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study. The mice also had increased muscle metabolism. The once-weekly prednisone promoted nutrient uptake into the muscles. Investigators also found these mice had increased adiponectin […]

When it comes to obesity, the problem isn’t an excess of fat but its loss of function, researchers argue

Obesity is known to cause cardiometabolic diseases like hypertension and diabetes but attributing these diseases to merely an overabundance of fat is a simplification. On a basic level, fat acts as a receptacle to store energy, but upon a closer look it is an essential actor in vital bodily processes like the immune response, the regulation of insulin sensitivity, and […]

National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (UK) recommends Palforzia for treating peanut allergy in children – Aimmune/Nestle

NICE (UK)-Palforzia from Aimmune/Nestle is recommended, within its marketing authorisation, as an option for treating peanut allergy in children aged 4 to 17. It can be continued in people who turn 18 while on treatment. Palforzia should be used with a peanut-avoidant diet. Why the committee made these recommendations? For people with peanut allergy, strictly avoiding peanuts and being ready […]

Wegovy demonstrated significant and sustained weight loss in two-year study in adults with obesity – Novo Nordisk

Results from the STEP 5 phase IIIb trial, presented by Novo Nordisk at the Obesity Week 2021 interactive congress, showed that adults treated with Wegovy (semaglutide 2.4 mg injection) achieved significant and sustained weight loss over the two-year study period . The STEP 5 trial investigated Wegovy vs. placebo, both used with a reduced calorie meal plan and increased physical […]

Bariatric surgeries vary in long-term benefits and risks

Of two major weight-loss surgeries, sleeve gastrectomy is safer long-term than gastric bypass, researchers reported on Oct. 6, 2021 in JAMA Surgery. But sleeve gastrectomy is associated with a higher long-term risk of need for surgical revision. “It’s really important for patients to understand the risk of significant issues like death, complications, and hospitalization after these two procedures because that […]

Plant-based diet associated with lower risk of covid infection and less severe disease

In a recent study led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Kings College Hospital published in Gut, people whose diets were based on healthy plant-based foods had lower risks of covid infection and severe disease.1 The beneficial effects of diet on COVID-19 seemed especially relevant in individuals living in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation. Poor metabolic health and […]