Pharmacist makes case for reducing use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for acute kidney infections

A new study led by Ochsner infectious diseases clinical pharmacist Kevin Lin, PharmD, was recently published in PLoS One, suggesting that oral cephalosporins are as safe and effective as the standard of care fluoroquinolones (FQs) for the treatment of acute kidney infections. Cephalosporins belong to a family of antibiotics called beta-lactams which are generally regarded as “narrower-spectrum” meaning they don’t kill […]

Substantial rise in the incidence of renal replacement therapy due to nephrosclerosis

A new Japanese study reveals that the age-standardized incidence rates of end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) requiring renal replacement therapy (RRT) due to chronic glomerulonephritis and diabetic nephropathy has decreased, while rates due to nephrosclerosis have increased considerably between 2006 and 2020. Age-specific incidence rates of RRT attributed to nephrosclerosis also increased in many age groups, suggesting that the increased number […]

Awake patients can have kidney stones moved, blasted

A new technique which combines the use of two ultrasound technologies may offer an option to move kidney stones out of the ureter with minimal pain and no anesthesia, according to a new feasibility study published today in The Journal of Urology. In the procedure, the physician uses a handheld transducer placed on the skin to direct ultrasound waves towards the […]

Pralsetinib therapy shows high response in range of cancer patients with RET gene fusions

In a Phase I/II trial, cancer treatment with pralsetinib has produced high response rates in patients with RET gene fusions, regardless of tumor type, researchers reported on Aug.12, 2022 in Nature Medicine. “We’ve had an explosion in clinical next-generation sequencing that allows us to understand shared biomarkers across multiple tumor types, and this study was important to determine if RET fusions are […]

Pediatric kidney transplant patients fare better when kidney is from live donor

Do pediatric kidney transplant patients have better long-term outcomes when their kidney comes from living, biologically unrelated donors compared to deceased donors? A new UC Davis Health study finds that they do. The study reviewed data from the Organ Procurement & Transplantation Network database from Jan. 1, 2001 to Sept. 30, 2021. Researchers compared the rates of graft failure (when the organ is rejected by the […]

Exercise training program improves cardiorespiratory fitness in adults with chronic kidney disease

This randomized trial recently published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD) found that a 12- month program of in-center aerobic and resistance exercise program improved physical functioning among adults 55 years and older with CKD stages G3b-4 and a high level of medical comorbidities. Among adults ≥55 years with CKD stages G3b-4 and with a high level of co-morbidity, a […]

Immunosuppressive drug’s blood level variability may identify pediatric kidney transplant recipients at risk of rejection

Although kidney transplantation is the most effective treatment for children with kidney failure, rejection of the transplanted organ by the recipient’s immune system is a major concern. Transplant recipients must take life-long immunosuppressant drugs, most commonly tacrolimus, and some patients experience large fluctuations in blood levels of tacrolimus even when the dose is unchanged—a phenomenon called high tacrolimus intrapatient variability. […]

Widely-used kidney function tests underestimate scale of kidney disease

The findings suggest that methods developed in high-income settings to check kidney function are not accurate for many people in Africa. Researchers from the African Research on Kidney Disease (ARK) Consortium ran the study, which focused on more than  2 500 people in Malawi, South Africa and Uganda. About the study Testing how well kidneys function is essential to diagnosing kidney […]