Man jailed for ‘Barbaric’ Fatal Attack on Victim

Naeem Mustafa, aged 46, of Nelson, Lancashire, was jailed for life after he carried out a “barbaric” attack upon his victim. Preston Crown Court heard that he inflicted an agonising death upon Michael Brierley. Prosecutor Paul Reid QC said that in the early hours of November 8, 2021, Mustafa repeatedly attacked Mr Brierley with various weapons. This included part of […]

Burglar tied up Elderly Man & left him for Dead

Adris Mohammed, aged 44, of Birmingham, was convicted of murder after the burglar tied up an elderly man and left him for dead. He broke into 78-year-old David Varlow’s home in Halesowen and tied him to a chair using a telephone cable. Mohammed left the man to die of a stress-related heart attack while he went on a spending spree. […]