Akshaya Raman on ‘The Ivory Key’ & Representation

American writer Akshaya Raman has published her thrilling debut book, The Ivory Key. Released in January 2022, the book is an Indian-inspired fantasy that takes you on a gripping journey filled with peace, war and magic. The story surrounds four siblings who are on a quest to find The Ivory Key, a rumoured new source of magic. However, in order […]

Is the Fashion Industry Inclusive of South Asians?

The glamorous fashion industry is frequently labelled as an industry lacking inclusivity. With flawless models at the forefront, it’s inevitable that criticism for this selective career will arise. However, the fashion industry consists of much more than fittings and catwalks. From designers to models, South Asians are trying to get their break into the industry more than ever. How successful […]