18 Best Toned Bodies of Bollywood Actors you Must See

Not only are Bollywood actors renowned for their acting abilities, but also their fit physiques and toned bodies. No one takes fitness more seriously than our B-town celebrities. Many of these stars are proof that when it comes to health and fitness, age can never be an obstruction. Over time, the fit figure has become an integral aspect of the […]

Desi Women’s Experiences of Arthritis

Experiences of arthritis are a part of many Desi women’s realities worldwide. Yet, this chronic illness remains one that is not potently discussed in Desi spaces. Arthritis affects 15% of people (over 210 million) in India. This rate is higher than many well-known diseases like diabetes and cancer. In 2019, The Times of India highlighted that research predicts that in […]

Digital Platform to Improve Indian Women’s Healthcare Access

A new, digital platform called ‘Proactive for Her’ aims to improve Indian women’s access to healthcare. Founder Achitha Jacob has also taken note of the cultural barriers which exist when creating the Bangalore-based company. She explained: “When it comes to women’s health in India, it’s not just a clinical problem that we’re solving, it’s also a cultural problem.” Jacob wants […]