NEO 10Y on Spiritualism, Desi Roots & Being Non-Binary

Nik Thakkar, most notably known as NEO 10Y, is a diverse and insightful visual artist, musician and fashion designer. The London-born non-binary creative is a highly spiritual character who is reimaging the artistic landscape. NEO 10Y’s aura is extremely intriguing and has caught the attention of many fans and companies worldwide. Through hyper-reality visuals, self-discovery and high-concept imagery, NEO’s mission […]

5 Best South Asian Musicians to Explore in 2022

2021 was a monumental year in highlighting the versatile and distinct sounds of South Asian musicians. The distinct sounds were heard from globally renowned artists. This includes the impeccable groove of ‘Paapi’ by Prabh Deep and the sweet stylings of ‘Haye Ni Tere’ by Sara Khan and Ravi Nain. Even the song ‘Kisan’ showed the impactful nature Desi artists can […]

20 Top South Asian Music Samples in Hip Hop

To the surprise of many hip hop lovers, South Asian music samples have become a prominent element of the genre. With brilliant producers like Kanye West and Timbaland who have a keen sense of musicality, their radar for unique sounds is vast. However, there have been an array of artists before them who have tackled the Desi instrumentation. Not only […]