Nisha Aaliya: The Natural & Adorable British Actress

London based, Nisha Aaliya is a naturally talented and appealing British actress. Within a short space of time, she has already worked in the Hindi film industry. Nisha Aaliyah was born in the Netherlands and is of mixed Asian descent. Despite being into dancing from an early age, acting became part of her ‘kismet’ (destiny) later on. In unusual circumstances, […]

Why was Bappi Lahiri the ‘Disco King’ of Bollywood?

Singer-composer Bappi Lahiri (late) was undoubtedly the ‘Disco King’ of the Bollywood film industry. He was a pioneer in popularising synthesise disco music via a pop style form. His distinctive vocals were heard in many of his compositions, The Kolkata born Bengali vocalist was the first to properly introduce the disco genre in Indian cinema. A visit to abroad had […]

10 Best Female Bangladeshi Dancers

Female Bangladeshi dancers have been evolving the South Asian dance industry for decades. Often overshadowed by mainstream performers and western dance styles, these women have continued to break down the barriers for Bangladeshi dance. Not only do these artists creatively embrace their cultural influences, but they successfully promote classical forms of choreography. Although, these icons go beyond just showcasing dance […]