10 Best South Indian Authors to Explore

South Indian authors are part of the diverse, creative and expansive literature landscape. We live in a world where literature is such an increasingly absorbed type of medium. Every year, millions of new books and novel ideas are drawn together, anticipating their time of publication. Therefore, it can be hard to sift through prose to find something that would stick […]

Why South India is Different & Culturally Rich

South India is a beautiful and diverse area with various cultures. Despite the diversity, the phrase ‘South Indian’ is universally used to group everyone from this region. Several factors attribute to this term. One would be the languages that are predominately spoken or are official in this region. They fall under the Dravidian language. Amongst the eighty language varieties are […]

Hannah Kumari astounds in her Magical Play ‘ENG-ER-LAND’

Performer, writer and producer, Hannah Kumari, is stunning in her football-inspired production ENG-ER-LAND. The gripping one-woman show is set in the 90s. Hannah’s character, Lizzie, is travelling to a match alone after her friends stand her up. Combining emotional storytelling, vibrant dance routines and retro nostalgia, ENG-ER-LAND takes inspiration from the upbringing of Hannah Kumari as a mixed-race teenager. Although the […]

Balraj Khanna talks ‘Born in India Made in England’

Distinguished artist and author, Balraj Khanna has written an emotionally insightful autobiography, Born in India Made in England (2021. The book details the prestigious life of one of India and Britains most elaborate artists. Witnessing the 1947 partition of India, Balraj has experienced both peace and war in his younger years. However, as he came to grips with the changing landscape of […]

Akshaya Raman on ‘The Ivory Key’ & Representation

American writer Akshaya Raman has published her thrilling debut book, The Ivory Key. Released in January 2022, the book is an Indian-inspired fantasy that takes you on a gripping journey filled with peace, war and magic. The story surrounds four siblings who are on a quest to find The Ivory Key, a rumoured new source of magic. However, in order […]

‘I Ain’t Dumb’ Cast on Acting, Play & Diversity

Writer, director, and producer, Tom Wright, returns to the theatrical stage with his fantastic new play, I Ain’t Dumb. The gripping production has its world premiere on February 9, 2022, and will run until February 12, 2022. Showing at Coventry’s largest professional theatre, the Belgrade Theatre, the building is a landmark for entertainment and culture. Therefore, it comes as no […]

Erinn Dhesi on THE WAVES, ‘Queens’ & Representation

Playwright and performer, Erinn Dhesi, is showcasing her brand new audio drama Queens as part of Tamasha Theatre Company’s series, THE WAVES. Collaborating with the audio drama production company, Holy Mountain, THE WAVES is showcasing five explosive 25-minute dramas. The series will broadcast from January 19, 2022, across twenty-six radio stations, including Resonance FM, Sheffield Live, and Tring Radio. Each […]

Amo Raju on ‘Walk Like A Man’ & Disability Stigma

Campaigner, politician and writer, Amo Raju, is a formidable name in delivering support for those with disabilities in Derby, UK. The inspiring entrepreneur is a catalyst in aiding disabled people to get integrated into society. In 1998, he became the CEO of Disability Direct, a charity that “facilitate independent living opportunities for disabled people.” Not only does this highlight Amo’s […]

5 Top Paintings by Indian Artist Bhupen Khakhar

Numerous amazing artists and illustrators emerge from South Asia but there are not many quite like Bhupen Khakhar. Born on March 10, 1934, in Bombay, India, Khakhar was a self-taught painter but started his career relatively late. Originally, Khakhar was on track to become a Chartered Accountant (CA). He was the first person from his family to attend the University […]