Top Twitter Trends in India in 2021

The top Twitter trends in India for 2021 have been revealed by the social networking service itself.

People connected in different ways, thanks to the release of Twitter Spaces.

Spaces encouraged and unlocked real, open conversations on Twitter with an authenticity, nuance, depth and power only the human voice can bring.

Many of the most popular tweets for the year were related to the coronavirus pandemic, as to be expected given the ever-changing landscape.

The most retweeted post came from Australian cricketer Pat Cummins about his donation to Covid relief in India.

Netizens were in awe of his generosity and the tweet also quickly became the most quoted of 2021 in India.

The most liked tweet was also from a fellow cricketer, but this time India’s own Virat Kohli.

He had been announcing the arrival of his baby daughter, his first child with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.

The best-received tweets in certain sub-categories were also disclosed in the recently published Twitter report.

In government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sharing a picture of himself getting his first vaccine took the top retweeting spot.

Meanwhile, his tweet congratulating the Indian men’s cricket team placed first for the most liked post in government in 2021.

Modi had written:

“We are all overjoyed at the success of the Indian Cricket Team in Australia.”

“Their remarkable energy and passion was visible throughout.

“So was their stellar intent, remarkable grit and determination.

“Congratulations to the team! Best wishes for your future endeavours.”

In business, both the most retweeted and liked post was Ratan Tata welcoming Air India back into the Tata Group portfolio.

In entertainment, the most retweeted and liked tweets were also the same, a poster for Beast (2022) shared by Tamil actor, Vijay.

The same situation also applied to sports whereby men’s cricket team captain Virat Kohli mentioned his predecessor, MS Dhoni.

He had said: “Anddddd the king is back the greatest finisher ever in the game.

“Made me jump outta my seat once again tonight.”

Meanwhile, the most tweeted hashtag was #Covid19 as well as in current affairs specifically.

The report stated: “Right in the early months of 2021, India was hit by the second wave of Covid-19 – leaving people distraught.

“As citizens took to Twitter in search of information, they found help.

“People on the service volunteered to find resources, mobilise help and connect people with leads for oxygen, hospital beds and medical supplies.

“While the second wave inspired an unprecedented movement of humanity on Twitter, the beginning of vaccination drives also brought a ray of hope, and people continued to stay connected on Twitter with Covid-19.”

In culture, the most popular hashtag was #Diwali and #Bitcoin in digital assets.

The most used emoji in India in 2021 was the hands clasped together one, usually signifying prayer and hope.

It comes as Indian-born Parag Agrawal becoming the youngest ever CEO of Twitter and also of an S&P 500 company.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey announced on November 29, 2021, that he was to resign from his position.

Agrawal joined Twitter in 2011 and has since climbed the ranks to become the social media platform’s CEO.