Tina Datta accused of ‘Sexually Harassing’ Abdu Rozik

On Bigg Boss 16, viewers were left angered by Tina Datta’s behaviour towards Abdu Rozik.

Abdu has become one of the most popular contestants on the show.

His genuine personality and willingness to get along with all the contestants have been welcomed by viewers.

The social media sensation suffers from a growth hormone deficiency and due to this, Abdu has the appearance of a child. But in actual fact, he is 19 years old.

Because of his appearance, Abdu has been on the receiving end of unnecessary questions.

Previously, Shalin Bhanot asked Abdu about the height of his family members.

Throughout the series, Abdu’s bond with Tina Datta has won fans, with the pair indulging in playful banter.

However, Tina’s recent actions towards Abdu left viewers annoyed.

In a video, Abdu is seen sitting when Tina tightly hugs him from behind and the latter tells him:

“You always smell so nice.”

Tina continues to hug and kiss Abdu. With an uncomfortable look on his face, Abdu tries to pull her arms off him, telling Tina that she is “killing” him.

When Tina tries to hug him again, Abdu refuses to allow her.

He then gets up and walks away from her, saying:

“All become pagal. Thank you, god. Only me not pagal.”

The video was shared on Twitter and many called Tina’s behaviour unacceptable.

One user said: “What cheap behaviour by Tina with Abdu.

“One can clearly see that he is not liking that hugging and kissing. And come on man, he is not a kid, he is a 19-year-old man.”

Another asked: “What nonsense is this!!! Tina Datta why are you making Abdu so uncomfortable?”

Others accused Tina of harassment, highlighting what would happen if the roles were reversed.

A comment read: “This is now harassment. Tina Datta leave Abdu Rozik alone!

“If the sexes were exchanged this would’ve become a police case.”

Another person wrote: “The girls in the house need to stop hugging Abdu Rozik.

“He’s a 19-year-old guy. It was so obvious that he was uncomfortable when Tina Datta hugged him.

“I’m glad he told her to stop. Reverse the genders and you’ll see the outrage.”

A third stated: “This is harassment.

“Abdu Rozik was clearly uncomfortable and he ran away ASAP.

“His consent matters when it comes to his physical space and there should be absolutely no argument about it.”

“Tina Datta has repeatedly disrespected his right to consent.”

One Twitter user said: “Abdu is not a kid there, Tina, learn to behave and stop hugging him without his consent.

“Only if any boy has done the same to her.”

A tweet read: “He has been very evidently uncomfortable for days with Tina’s teasing, and now he was physically resisting, saying NO and she was taking advantage of her physical dominance over him to continue – THIS IS SEXUAL HARRASSMENT.”

Since premiering on October 1, 2022, Bigg Boss 16 has seen controversy and heated rows between housemates.