The Most Popular Anime Series to Watch in 2022

The Most Popular Anime Series to Watch in 2022

The Most Popular Anime Series to Watch in 2022The Most Popular Anime Series to Watch in 2022

With the first animated manga dating all the way back to the early twentieth century, a new era of modern animes has delighted fans worldwide. With the gradual globalization of the industry, more and more viewers are becoming exposed to the wonders of the anime world.

While there are too many quality series to cover in just one article, we have listed just two fantastic series which are amongst some of the most popular animes to sink your teeth into in 2022.

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Demonslayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Starting with one of the most popular, modern Shonen series to come out of the genre in recent years, we have Demonslayer. Following the young Tanjiro’s story, who tragically loses his family to the boss of all demons, fans are treated to an emotional and action-filled thriller of redemption and virtue in this series.

Demonslayer is considered one of the best-drawn animes out there, and the visually stunning fight scenes are a testament to this claim. It is a great series to start with if you’re yet to venture into the anime genre. The show’s success earned it a feature on Netflix’s streaming service, creating the perfect opportunity for a new crowd to get stuck in with the series. The feature is part of what has been an exciting year of innovation for the streaming service, according to ExpressVPN’s recent study. If its popularity tells us anything, it’s that you should turn on your TV and watch Tanjiro’s journey to become a demon slayer, witness his battle with good and evil, and enjoy the incredible fight scenes he treats us to.

With just two seasons and an intervening film released so far, viewers have plenty more of Tanjiro’s story to look forward to, so hop on the Demonslayer train before it arrives!

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Attack on Titan

If we’re talking about animes, Attack on Titan must be mentioned.

Regarded widely as the best anime series, the show follows the story of Eren Jaeger, a young boy who loses his family and everything else he holds dear to him when a terrifying breed of Titans storms his hometown. As the series develops, the plot thickens to a mind-blowing level, and the show’s intensity grows dramatically. With incredible writing, eye-catching animation, and some truly epic fight scenes, Attack on Titan is a winner all-round. With two of the show’s episodes featured in the top three highest-rated TV episodes of all time, according to IMDB’s credible account, it is no wonder this show is regarded so favorably by its fanbase.

With parts one and two of the final season of Attack on Titan released already, fans eagerly await the release of the third and final part of the season to see where Eren Jaeger’s story ends – it’s a real thriller.

A final thought

There’s a reason anime is so popular amongst its existing fanbase – mainly these two. If you are yet to delve into this world, starting with one of these shows can’t be recommended enough.