Sona Mohapatra hits out at Sajid Khan joining Bigg Boss 16

Sona Mohapatra has joined the large number of viewers who have objected to Sajid Khan entering Bigg Boss 16 as a contestant.

The filmmaker entered the show during the premiere and shortly after, many criticised the show’s makers and the channel for giving him such an opportunity despite several sexual harassment allegations against him.

Calling Indian TV channels a “depraved and sad lot”, Sona posted a series of tweets, reading:

“This is Sajid Khan, now on a reality TV show. Then there is Anu Malik judging a music reality show on TV, for children no less. Kailash Kher? Celebrity judge on TV.

“ALL called out by many many women in India MeToo. Indian TV channels, executives are indeed a depraved and sad lot.

“And of course, the series sleaze Vikas Behl and master of disgusting Suhel Seth, all back on Indian TV.

“Thought that calms me? That it’s a dying medium and some dying will thrash around doing the worst to save themselves, even if it means dragging other humans under; women.”

Sona also called out Farhan Akhtar for not speaking about the matter.

In another tweet, she said:

“Dear Farhan Akhtar, you front an organisation called MARD.

“This man and the many others are known to you personally.

“Speak up, stand up only when it’s convenient or pays to virtue signal for ‘our cause’ not now? Charity begins at home.”

Several women accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment.

Some of the allegations include him exposing himself at parties, asking actresses to send him their nude photos as part of the casting process and watching pornography in front of women.

During the Bigg Boss 16 premiere, Sajid and host Salman Khan did not address the allegations but the filmmaker spoke about being out of work for four years.

He said:

“I did not have much work, have been at home for the past four years.”

“So, when the Colors team called me up, I decided I should come here and maybe learn something about myself.

“I have seen many ups and downs in my life and been very low in past four years.”

Sajid received support from Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaaz Gill but this led to fans turning on her.