Sherlyn criticises Rakhi for publicly airing Marriage Issues

Sherlyn Chopra has criticised Rakhi Sawant for bringing her marriage issues into the public domain.

Rakhi and her husband Adil Khan Durrani have been in the headlines.

After Rakhi accused Adil of cheating on him, she went on to claim that he wanted to marry his lover, a woman named Tanu Chandel.

She then alleged that he sold nude videos of her. Rakhi claimed:

“Adil has tortured me physically in a crude manner. I have suffered a lot for 7 months.

“Being even Rakhi Sawant, I could not come out and talk about it until it came to a point where I could not take it anymore.”

Rakhi’s brother Rakesh Sawant also claimed Adil beat her on the day of her mother’s death.

He had said: “He (Adil) beat her (Rakhi) up very badly the day our mother died.

“When we were talking about mom at night, he said there is nothing like that. He beat her up. All of us were very angry including our uncles and aunts.

“We requested Rakhi to go to Cooper. We took her there and all her medical tests were done. The number of scars on her body, you will start crying on seeing the black marks.

“I spoke to him the day he raised his hands, my uncle did, and also the rest of the family.

“He said, ‘It is personal’. It’s not personal that he raised his hands on the daughter of the house.

“He behaved like an animal. Today morning when he came to beat her, the sections imposed on him of stealing, beating up, dowry.”

The publicity of their marriage issues has prompted Sherlyn Chopra to criticise Rakhi, claiming that she and Adil are trying to stay in the limelight.

In a video, Sherlyn sided with Adil and said:

“I am no one to say anything about Rakhi and Adil’s matter, but from what I have learnt about Adil after spending time with him at a police station, he seems like a sorted person, but don’t know how he landed in this whole mess.

“I even told Adil he looks sorted so what was he doing with her?

“I feel they should not do such things just to stay in the limelight.”

“What else can I say about Adil, whom I consider my brother. I wish they resolve the matter soon, and if he is wrong he should accept his mistake.

“If he is not wrong and there is some misunderstanding then he should also clarify that.”