Sanjay Gagnani reveals Reason Why He Got Married

Sanjay Gagnani has revealed that a live-in relationship gave him the motivation to marry his wife, Poonam Preet.

On November 28, 2022, Sanjay Gagnani celebrated his first wedding anniversary with Poonam Preet.

But Sanjay admitted that he had a fear of marriage and was “marriage-phobic” before finding Poonam Preet.

Sanjay said how being in a live-in relationship with her helped him feel at ease with the prospect of getting married.

He said: “Honestly, I did not believe in the institution of marriage.

“I was always very ‘marriage-phobic’.

“But after I met Poonam and we got into a live-in relationship, slowly and gradually I got a little confident about the idea of spending my life as a married couple.

“I was like ok, let’s do it. It does not matter anyway because we were in a live-in relationship.

“It was her dream to get married. She wanted to have a big fat Punjabi wedding. So we did it and it was beautiful.”

The actor revealed he met Poonam on social media and that they fell in love.

They initially met when she decided to go to Mumbai in search of better employment chances.

Sanjay said: “It’s a social media love story. We met on Facebook.

“I was already an actor when I added her on social media and she was doing print modelling in Delhi.

“We started chatting and I told her that she is very photogenic, and should consider shifting to Mumbai for career growth. She came and we started dating and the rest is history.”

Sanjay Gagnani claimed that after getting married, he has sensed no change in their connection apart from one aspect.

He revealed: “Nothing really changed for us.

“We had spent enough time together even before getting married, so there is nothing like people say that after marriage this will happen, that will happen.

“Having said that, the only change that I have noticed in me is that I have become more caring and more possessive in a positive manner.

“I have become more secure and responsible as a partner.”

They celebrated their first wedding anniversary on November 28, 2022, and Poonam gifted her husband with a surprise trip to Thailand.

They travelled to well-known islands and beaches, such as James Bond Island, Phi Phi Island and Phuket.