Ram Setu To Be Akshay Kumar’s Fourth Flop of 2022 As It Opens to Poor Numbers & Mixed Reviews

Ram Setu To Be Akshay Kumar’s Fourth Flop of 2022 As It Opens to Poor Numbers & Mixed Reviews

Ram Setu To Be Akshay Kumar's Fourth Flop of 2022Ram Setu To Be Akshay Kumar's Fourth Flop of 2022

Akshay Kumar’s latest release ‘Ram Setu’ is off to a poor start at the box office. Will it be Akshay Kumar’s fourth consecutive flop of 2022?

Released today in theatres, Akshay Kumar’s  Ram Setu is off to a terrible opening at the box office. The day after Diwali is considered one of the biggest days for the Bollywood box office. Families come in big numbers to theatres but it isn’t the case with Ram Setu.

Ram Setu Box Office Opening 

Akshay Kumar starrer is off to a poor opening as it recorded around 15% occupancy in the morning shows. The early reviews are mixed and it seems that it is going to be a struggle going forward. The people who have watched the movie are sharing their feedback on Twitter. Most of them are criticizing the movie for poor VFX and direction.

Unless there is a huge turnaround in the evening shows, Ram Setu is looking to close the first day under Rs 12 Crore. This is a poor start as the trade was expecting an opening for 18 to 20 Crore.

With a poor start and mixed reports, I don’t think we will see any revival from here on. Well, it seems that Akshay Kumar’s poor run at the box office will continue with Ram Setu.

He was the box office king of Bollywood before the pandemic. In 2019, he set the record of delivering four back-to-back Rs 100 Crore grossers in a single year.

However, things took a drastic turn for Akshay since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. With a big list of movies already completed, he was forced to release a few of them directly on digital platforms.

2022 has been a terrible year for Khiladi. Ram Setu is his fourth theatrical release of 2022. The earlier three releases, Bachchan Pandey, Samrat Prithiviraj and Raksha Bandhan were box-office disasters. You can check the box office verdict of his 2022 releases here.

It’s highly likely that Ram Setu will be Akshay’s fourth consecutive disaster in 2022. He needs to work on his choices and doing 5 to 6 movies in a year is not working for him anymore. Moreover, most of his movies are mediocre with nothing exceptional to look out for.

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