Priyanka Chopra opens up on Almost Losing Baby Malti

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has recently given an intimate look into motherhood and how it has changed her life.

In an interview with Elle magazine for their May digital cover, the actress spoke candidly about her experiences raising 15-month-old Malti Marie with her husband Nick Jonas.

Priyanka and Nick welcomed their first child through a surrogate in January 2022, after Malti spent over 100 days in a NICU unit.

This difficult experience has completely shaped how Priyanka raises her daughter, as she was “so close to losing her” during those rollercoaster first few months.

Priyanka admitted that she is struggling with the discipline side of parenting because she likes seeing Malti happy.

She said that Malti can get away with anything, and she just wants to see her daughter happy and joyous.

Priyanka says that Malti has her wrapped around her finger and that she does not even know how she will ever discipline her because she just does not have it in her.

The actress now understands the fierce duty of a mother to protect her children and is trying to emulate the childhood she had, surrounded by people who loved her.

Priyanka says that Malti is always with her family, and they take her anywhere with them.

She said it was essential to expose her daughter to just life and its beautiful gifts.

Priyanka also opened up about her marriage to Nick and how they juggle their careers and parenthood.

She says that when you care about someone, you try to alleviate whatever pressure is on them by doing some of the chores or taking on something that they always do.

She says that it is the simple things that matter.

For example, Priyanka loves coffee in bed and her husband realised that, so she always has coffee in bed now.

She says that support is tremendously important, but it is a two-way street.

Priyanka also spoke about her upcoming Amazon Prime series, Citadel, where she plays Nadia Sinh, the top agent of the namesake global spy network.

The show’s executive producers, The Russo Brothers, have made it clear that Nadia’s character was inspired by James Bond and would do all the heavy lifting in the series as opposed to her partner, Mason Kane.

This is a gender swap in which Priyanka welcomes into the male-dominated genre.

She says that it is fun to be doing the a**kicking and the cool lines and walking away from an explosion.

She is looking for challenges and wants to flex her muscles and find thoughts that she can sink her teeth into.

Priyanka Chopra has been very vocal about gender inequality in the entertainment industry.

She spoke about working with Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon Studios, who helped her obtain equal pay with her male co-star.

Priyanka says that in her 23-year career, it was the first time she got parity.

She believes this happened because the head executive of Amazon Studios is a woman.

Priyanka believes that when women are in positions of power and decision-making, they make space for other women.

This comes after an appearance on The Today Show, where she revealed that her 15-month-old daughter Malti was also in attendance.

She says that her mother and daughter are travelling with her and Nick as they are on tour.

Priyanka Chopra stresses the importance of family time, saying that she did not have that in her twenties.