Pakistani Drama claims Women with Curly Hair are ‘Ugly’

A Pakistani drama that claimed women with curly hair are ‘ugly’ has received backlash from netizens.

In the first episode of Main Aisi Kiun Hun, Syed Jibran shares his hatred towards his wife’s natural hair.

Clips from the episode have gone viral in which Syed says:

“We met quite a lot before we got married, probably 40 or 50 times to understand each other before taking a decision as huge as marriage.

“If you had shown up as you have right now in front of me in those 40 to 50 meetings, I wouldn’t have married you.

“Your hair in its natural state makes you look ugly, and I never wanted to marry someone who is unattractive.”

He then claimed to have been “cheated” and said his wife, played by Noor Zafar Khan, “trapped me by hiding your ugliness away from me.”

In the drama, the actor adds: “I’ve been regretting it for the past six years and on top of that, it’s my bad luck that my daughter also inherited this from you.

“I’m a husband to a woman with ugly hair and a father to a daughter with the same hair, have you thought how this hurts me?

“If I was able to take back any decision I ever made it would’ve been saying yes to you.”

The drama also features a scene with Noor straightening her daughter’s curly hair to please her husband.

Netizens were less than impressed with the clips from the first episode and shared their thoughts on social media.

One user wrote: “As if our national obsession with fair complexion isn’t enough, we are now shaming women on curly hair.

“What is this content?”

Another added: “My question is – how do these actors who also claim to be influencers very proudly, agree to do such discriminatory/hoax storylines?

“Exactly what goes through the head of a person who sees this script, knows what it will look like on the screen, and yet agrees to do it?”

A third commented: “How in the world can curly hair be thought of as bad?

“How? It feels like they were out of ideas.”

The first episode also showed how the husband was embarrassed when he took his family out for dinner as other diners, as well as the waiters, laughed at his wife and daughter.

Rather than getting angry at those laughing, the man took it out on his wife.

The Pakistani drama has started a conversation on hair types.

Since then, many women have shared pictures of their curly hair on social media and stated that it is nothing to be ashamed of.