Nadia Hussain defends herself amidst ‘Elitism’ Allegation

Nadia Hussain recently received backlash for her comments, deemed “elitist” by some, about older “educated” models being better than the newer batch.

She was called out by current models and netizens alike for not realising her privilege and for her “ignorant” attitude.

However, the 43-year-old model has now responded in defence of her statement.

She asserted that she stands for “being educated” regardless of professions and exclaimed that the “educated ones are always a class above.”

In a note that Nadia posted on her Instagram supporting her previous statement on the lack of educated models in the industry today, she wrote:

“There is no denying that education sets you apart.”

Expanding on the importance of education, she wrote: “Education gives you bigger goals, objectives and aspirations in life.

“The educated ones are certainly always a class above anybody! They always reflect a personality, and a demeanour greater than the uneducated ones.

“I will always give education priority over anything.”

Sarah Zulfiqar previously took to her Instagram Story to call out Nadia.

Responding to Sarah Zulfiqar, Nadia wrote: “Education and talent are separate things altogether.

“It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Education will always guide you that there are no shortcuts in life.

“Know and understand that if you are educated, you are not the one being talked about.”

In the statements made on an episode of Time Out with Ahsan Khan, Nadia exclaimed that models of today are uneducated and that council members don’t care if they don’t have the “height”.

She lamented how there were “no criteria” and that “it was only about whether you could get permission”.

Responding to the same, Sarah posted in a series of Instagram Stories, “Talent is talent and maturity is maturity no matter where it comes from.”

In her comments on newer models, Nadia Hussain also criticised the higher number of models in the industry.

Responding to the same, the model questioned: “Maybe there are many more models today than there were then, but why is that so horrible?

“Her statement reeks of insecurity and elitism.”

“People who are confident in their own backgrounds and know their worth really don’t act like this.

“What is the point of being so “educated” and receiving so much exposure if you haven’t actually learnt anything?”

She went on to advise: “Be confident in your own posing style and niche instead of complaining about other people and you’ll do just fine.”