Indian Man tries to crush Pregnant Daughter to Death with Auto

An Indian man tried to kill his pregnant daughter by crushing her with his auto rickshaw in Rajasthan’s Bharatpur.

As the crowd gathered, the accused father fled from the spot in his auto.

The pregnant daughter somehow managed to save her life.

The woman named Nagma fell in love with Narendra Saini in the locality of Bharatpur.

In the video, the woman and her husband can be seen running for their life.

“He attempted to kill us with his auto”, confirmed victim Narendra seeking protection.

Their relationship was not accepted by the girl’s family as they both belonged to different religions following which Nagma ran away from home with Narendra.

In February 2022, the couple got married in Arya Samaj Mandir and after marriage, both returned to Bharatpur.

Later, the Indian man filed a case against the boy for kidnapping, luring his daughter and forcibly marrying her.

The police then arrested the duo. Amid investigation, the authorities recorded Nagma’s statement in which she denied the allegation put forth by her father against her husband.

She stated that she loved Narendra and had willingly run away with him.

After this, the court also ordered the girl to stay with Narendra considering that the duo was adults and could make their own decisions.

According to reports, the Indian man’s family were furious over the court’s decision and since then has been issuing death threats to the couple.

After the case and taking into account the threats being issued by father Islam, Narendra and Nagma shifted to Mathura and stayed there for around two months during which Nagma got pregnant.

The couple eventually returned to Bharatpur and began living in a leased house in Bharatpur’s Ranjit Nagar.

On August 4, 2022, Islam attempted to crush his daughter and son-in-law to death as the duo was on their way to the hospital for Nagma’s routine check-up.

The crowd gathered and the police also reached the spot. The father had by then fled from the locality.

The police later took both the victims to the Police Station and Beena Mahawar, Additional District Magistrate Bharatpur confirmed that action under section 122 CrPC is already underway at the Court.

She said: “We’ve asked the SP and concerned SHO to look into the case and work for the couple’s safety. Necessary action will be taken.”